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    Default Has The Permanent Dock on TI Made A Difference?

    I was just wodering if the new permanent dock on the island side of CTI has cut down on the days that the boat won't go out? I would think with a permanent dock even if the water is a bit choppy that it would still be safe to load and unload passengers. It was getting to be about a 50-50 propostion...meaning if you had an 8 day stay at CTI you would only be able to go to the island 4 of those days, and the other 4 the boat would not go over because of choppy or rough sea. I would like to hear what people have to say who have been to CTI since the new dock has been in place. Was also wondering if the water situation has been straightened out, as I know there were proplems with the flexible pipe from the mainland. Thanks in advance for your input.

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    We were there in April and there did not seem to be any problems with the water. The new dock does make it easier to get in and out of the boat.

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    We were there for seven days in March and had some strong winds and waves breaking onto the island for a couple of days but the island was only closed on one morning. I am sure the dock made a big difference.

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    The new dock is very stable and safe. Thanks Fred !!!!

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    Hey Peggy The new dock made a big difference in getting in and out of the boat. One step up and you're out.
    I still think that they need to fix the two ladders. One on the dock and the other on the island dock. it is very hard to put your foot all the way onto the step. There is a piece of wood in the way. So you can only get the front half of your foot on the ladder. Gary, water sports, told me that they are still working on it. Soon come, mon.

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    Thank you everyone. I was pretty sure that the new dock was going to make a big difference regarding keeping the island accessable on some of the rougher days and it appears that it has. By the way Richie, you really need to keep your "cheaters" on when you're on the board. Again I point out that there is no "s" on my "mr2cool" LOL. I know I can't see the typeface on the MB without them, and as you know at a mere 60 I'm MUCH younger than you!
    Tom MR2cool96.... For your benefit my friend I will use the caps LOL

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