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    Default Yeah!!! Finally doing the single digit dance!

    Just had to share - doing the single digit dance. Will be at CN in 9 days.

    Wish the 8 days we will be there went as slowly as the next 9 days waiting to get there will go!

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    Down to 3 days and the wait is brutal!!! I'm already dreading having to come back to the states, too

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    We will be at CN in 11 days!! What will I look forward to when I return?? Can't wait

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    7 days and counting till CSA - can't wait!!!!

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    We'll be at CN on the 19th! 5 days...omg I can't wait! We haven't had a vacation in 2 years, we're used to going every year, and it's much needed!

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    We hit 9 days today. Couldn't be more excited.

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    Default 9 days

    So happy finally down to single digits... will be at CN in 9 days!

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    So are we. 9 days to go. I called my husband at work this morning and asked him if he was doing the single digit dance yet. He did not know what I meant so I had to explain myself. We will be at CN from 8/22-8/29. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    If I could figure out how to my post (similar to Tommywommy's hugs) you see me doing my happy dance.

    Exactly one week from this moment I will be sitting with my toes in the warm sand or drifting in the pool towards the swim up bar enjoying a dirty banana or the drink of the day.........

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    7 days! woohoo!

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    4 days and counting till we are at CSA!!!!

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    Default first time to CN in 9 days

    we only booked with 16 days so its been a short count.
    would say 9 sleeps but I get up about every two hrs at night to check this MB, and make sure Jamaica is still there.. Iam so hooked...

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    2 weeks from right now I will be in the airport

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    4 days to css

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    I leave Tuesday!!! I'm not even counting days. That makes it seem so far away. Right now I know I have a weekend then a Monday then it's a 6:30 AM flight outta Pgh to Atlanta and a 9:45 flight to Montego Bay. *sigh* I sooo can't wait to get there but I'm not rushing the days because I don't want my week there to go too fast! - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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