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    Default YAY!!! We are coming HOME!!!! (and a few CSA questions)

    Oh my gosh, I'm so very excited. I can't make a long story short, so I'll just have to tell the entire story for my fellow Couples lovers.

    I just had a baby last August. DH and I planned a big trip for our anniversary this year and booked it back when the baby was about 3 months old. It's going to be amazing-- a villa in Cabo, part of the time on our own and part of the time with our closest friends. Even though I really wanted to go back to Jamaica and Couples where we honeymooned, I decided to stay closer to home. We are going for 5 nights in August.

    Even though I have this wonderful trip to Cabo planned, I can't stop thinking about Jamaica and how much I want to go back to Couples before we have another baby. DH wants to start trying again for baby number 2 in November (uggh!!), so I asked if we could do a week long trip to Jamaica at the end of October/beginng of November. To my surprise, he said yes!! His only request was that we split time between CSA and a cliffs hotel so that he could experience that since he's always wanted to. My lovely sister has agreed to watch my son him for the week in exchange for a vacation in Vegas (where we live). With her watching him I am easy to get rid of some of that mommy guilt and enjoy myself!

    SOOOO....I just booked my trip and couldn't be happier! CSA, here we come! It's a short trip (3 nights), but it will be perfect!

    We've only been to CN twice and had a day at CSA through the rewards program. So here are my CSA questions.:

    1. What the difference between a Beachfront Suite and a Veranda? I booked the Suit because it looks like the room DH wants, but I want to be sure I'm not missing something. I like the big patios on the Suites.

    2. Is the repeater's dinner still Monday? We definitely want to be there for that since we missed it last time.

    3. We only have 3 nights for dinner, one of which is the repeater's dinner. Which two restaurants do you recommend at CSA since we only have 2 nights?

    4. Since we are there for such a short time, I'd love to hear your "can't miss" CSA suggestions!

    Yay! So excited!

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    With only 2 other nights for dinner, definitely do Lemongrass. Excellent Thai inspired dining. For the final meal I'd probably go with Patois. Nothing against the main dining area, but the other places have a wee bit more charm. Though personally I'd skip the repeaters dinner for international night on the beach!

    The repeaters dinner is still monday, same night as international night, which is an outdoor buffet. You could do both, but that is a LOT of eating! In fact, the shipwreck dinner thing on Friday, if you are there that night, is another awesome outdoor buffet.

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    What about Feathers? Is that better than Patois in your opinion?

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    When we went the first week in May, our two favorite meals were the Repeaters on Monday night and our night at Feathers.

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    Well, you could do Feathers on Monday (instead of the Repeaters Dinner or the buffet, neither of which we really care for) and then you could do Lemongrass and Patois. If you only have time for 2, I'd probably choose Patois and Lemongrass purely for the ambiance. We're not so keen for the decor of Feathers, although the food is really good. If you do decide to go to Lemongrass, please be SURE to ask for a table out on the balcony under the stars. You'll probably need to wait a bit, but once you see it, you'll KNOW how worth the wait it is (and you can always have a few glasses of champagne or a martini at the Martini Bar)....We really enjoy Patois, and it's generally where we have our dinner when we arrive. We just love the ambiance, and while the dinner service can be slow, it gives us the chance to really get into "island time."

    Regardless of where you choose to eat, you're sure to have a great meal and a great time. Have fun!!

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