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    Default Keturah and Steven: CSA-5/20/2011- LONG!!!

    Hello Everyone!!!!!

    I'm back from a wonderful time at CSA and MARRIED!!!!!!! All of the future CSA Brides have sooooo many great things to look forward to. Our wedding day was a dream come true. Below is a full wedding review and a link to some of my favorite photos:

    We arrived on Wednesday evening. We were greeted with cold towels and champagne. Nice touch. Check in was smooth and our room was upgraded to the Great House Jacuzzi Suite!!!!! They gave us our informational packet with our appt time with the wedding coordinator for the next day, Shareika(sp). S/N- Make all of your reservations for everything upon arrival. You will be tired and ready to get to your room, but trust me, if you wait, all the things you will want to do will be booked up, including the restaurants. You are able to make reservations for groups.

    We met with the wedding coordinator the next day. The appt. was about an hour long. We went through photos and such, I explained everything I wanted and she wrote it all down and gave us a copy after I reviewed everything. We left our wedding music at home by accident and Shareika was able to download all the songs we wanted to have played. We had dinner reservations for Feather's later on that night.

    I didn't purchase any extra services, except an upgraded bouquet- $40.00. I steamed my own dress and my husband's outfit myself. Idid my own hair and make up. My make up consisted of Clinique mascara and eye shadow, MAC lipstick and gloss. Nothing else. Our two friends who came with us took our photos. The resort photographer took some also and I feel like all of our emotions and special moments were captured perfectly.

    The morning of the wedding the weather was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky!!! We were to be married at 10 AM. Shareika called the room to see if we were ready to go. She came and got him first. She came back for me after I got my dress on. She snapped a couple of photos for me and I was on my way. The song I was to walk down the aisle to was a surprise from my husband- Peter Gabriel, "Book of Love". I was holding back tears as I walked to him. The ceremony was about 15-18 minutes. The officiant had some very wonderful words and passages he spoke to us. As soon as he pronounced us husband and wife, we kissed and our music played. Since our wedding was at 10 AM, there weren't many people standing around watching. The ones that were there did give us a grand cheer and clapped. We definitely felt like the center of attention!! It was wonderful. We stood at the alter for a few pics, then off to sign the marriage certificate. I am sooooo glad that we chose the 10 AM time slot. It was soooo hot then, but we had a breeze to cool us down. Any later and I think I would have melted.

    We went to the garden for photos, cake, and champagne. As we passed everyone, they congratulated us, we felt so special!!!! It was decorated nicely and we sat and chatted for a moment. We cut the cake and drank cahmpagne. Shareika bought us out cold towels and at this point, we just enjoyed the moment and each other. Shareika played some jamaican love songs in the background. It was great! The left over cake got wrapped up for dessert at Feathers. And just like that, it was over.... We went to the beach for some photos and then to our room to get changed. I took a few pics around the resort, but by then I was soooooooo hot, I just wanted out of that dang dress!!!! We went to Rick's Cafe (MUST DO) to celebrate before dinner at Feathers. Everyone there clapped, cheered, and congratulated us. It was awesome!!!!!! Dinner at Feathers was very, very good. They decorated the table nicely and I carried my bouquet with me. Everyone congratulated us and it felt like a big reception cause everyone was giving us soo much attention. Some people even tapped their glasses to get us to kiss :-) It was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

    Overall, everything was wonderful. I feel like if I had my wedding at home, it wouldn't have been as perfect a day.

    Below is a link to my photos... Enjoy!

    With Love,


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    You looked absolutely radiant. So very happy. Congratulations!!!

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    Congratulations. Thank you for your detailed review. From one chocolate bride to another-to-be you look great. Hair/makeup/dress all very nice. Were the pictures you provided CSA resort photographer? If so they look so much better than ones I have seen. I am scheduled to get married 11/4/11 and still undecided if I will use the resort photographer.

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    Wow and congratulations, You photos and review are amazing, thanks so much for sharing. You made a beautiful bride!

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    Yay, Mrs. Brown!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad your day went well!!! Your photos are beautiful!!! Your dress is gorgeous on you! The weather looked perfect (like you mentioned). I'm so glad you felt special. Thats one thing about the destination wedding that i'm nervous about. I want it to still feel like OUR SPECIAL day.. not just wedding #5 that day, ya know? But i'm glad you had a great time!! Thank you for sharing with all of us! Dont forget to check back at our thread to see the other brides as we get married

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    Oh also... what did you think of the jacuzzi suite room?? Give me the dirt!! This is the room we've reserved and i wanna know all about it. Is it noisy at night? Is there a great view? Do you have any pics of the room/view? Let me know! Thanks!

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    YAY! I am so glad it was wonderful for you! You look so beautiful in your pictures!

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    Thank you everyone for the compliments!!!! I'm going to continue to follow the thread and support the rest of my 2011 Couples Brides!!!!!!!

    @Ash- Don't worry about a thing!!! You never feel rushed or like you're the next wedding in line or any of that. The day before we got married, they're were 3 weddings and they all seemed like it was the only one of the day! They really make you feel like your wedding is THE grande affair of the day no matter how big or small the group. It was just wonderful!!!!

    The suite was awesome, we never had a problem with noise!!! The Aura Lounge is in the same building and we never heard any of the noise at all. We went in there one night to grab a drink and head back to the room. Once we passed the double doors, we didn't hear any of the partying going on. No road noise, no other noise from any other part of the building. Our room was right over the pool bar and at night, it was pretty quiet. We didn't spend a lot of time in the room anyway. The view was beautiful. Even though the room was very clean, I still wore flip flops in the shower. The tile didn't look the best to me. We really enjoyed the jaccuzi tub!! That was pristine and cleaned very well. It was nice to soak with the windows open and have a pina colada in hand! Below is a link to the photos and view of the room.

    @ worthwaiting- Thank you so much! I got really tanned as we were there for 2 days before the wedding. I couldn't beat that sun, LOL!! I'm also very glad I went light on the make up. It was really hot!!! I have sooooo many photos and those WERE NOT taken by the resort photographer. Our friends who came along with us took them. I posted my favorite ones to the album. The funny part is that our camera was the same one used by the resort photographer. I love how they all turned out. I had been stressin about this for a long time and in the end, the photos turned out great and all the memories and emotions of the day were captured perfectly!!

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    I would love to know if the photos from your link were from the resort photographer? If so which one!?

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    CONGRATS Mrs. Brown!! You were beautiful and the day was perfect!! Your description of the day brought tears to my eyes. I'm getting married at CSA next May and I can only hope it will be just as beautiful as your day was!!

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    Congratulations! I loved everything about your wedding! Your dress, your bouquet, the reception. Your photos were amazing! You looked beautiful, and you both looked so relaxed and happy! It looks as though your day was truly perfect!

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    You guys inspire me! Congrats!!!!
    No need to rush what fait has in store...

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    amazing pics girl!! And congrats!! I had a similar experience getting married there on 5-17-11. A wedding of my dreams! You looked stunning!!

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    Congrats first of all on your wedding!! After reading your post and looking at your pics, you make me even more excited about my wedding on 8/11/11 lol!! I had to sit my fiancee' down and make him look at them with me to get him more excited! Was there any reason in particular that they upgraded your room to the jacuzzi suite or did you pay for it? We have the ocean view verandah (hope I spelled it right lol) booked as of now but now my fiancee' wants the jacuzzi suite after seeing yours. If you did pay how much was the upcharge for it? Is there any other advice you can pass forward to the rest of us?? Thanks in advance ;-)

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    @ Stl_ Diva27- Thank you for the compliments and well wishes!!! Congrats to you also!!!!! Trust and believe you will have an amazing time, so keep getting the FH excited! You'll never forget it

    We originally booked the Greathouse Verandah Suite. When we were checking in, the lady goes " So you're the lucky couple that got upgraded to the Jacuzzi Suite!" My eyes got so big and I was so excited! I don't know why we got upgraded and it was free, so I didn't ask any more questions, LOL. I've read on the boards that they never do anything like this, so I was quite surprised and very pleased. Housekeeping was good to us in our room. I left a Bath and Body Works gift bag, chocolates, and thank you cards. They took good care of us all week!!!

    One thing I didn't mention is that anything extra for the wedding needs to be charged and paid for after your meeting with the wedding coordinator is over. Dress steaming, vendor fees, flowers, cocktail hour, band, etc. I had to go to the front desk and settle up for my bouquet right then and there or it would not be ordered. I didn't know this before we went and another couple we met got married the day before we arrived. They told us had to pay for everything upfront also.

    Also, our wedding coordinator carried a little basket with her that had my sandals, lip gloss for refreshing for photos, my little clutch. That was a nice little touch because I really didn't want to carry all those things around myself during the wedding. Very nice and sweet. I also gave her a Godiva chocolate gift box. We also tipped the minister $40.00.

    Lastly, stay relaxed! It's easier said than done, but Couples really goes out of their way to make you feel special and make sure your day is perfect.

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