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    Default Beachfront Suite vs Beachfront Verandah Suite at CSA

    We are getting ready to book our honeymoon at CSA for November. We definitely want to be as close to the beach as possible, but we don't want a room that will be super noisy. Can someone tell me the pros and cons of BFS vs BFVS? Thank you! Can't wait for our first Couples experience!!

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    We are wondering the same thing. We will be coming to CSA in October for our Honeymoon but just can't decide between BFS and BFVS. We are not concerned about having a TV however, we would like to be in a great location that feels as secluded as possible.

    Also, is it true that the bathrooms is the BFS are much larger than the BFVS?

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    They can bot be noisy, it's just different noise. The BFVS have a lot of rooms in a small space and every time we have been there we have walked past people partying on the balcony. I think the atmosphere is a little different on that end. Many of the same people who spend a lot of time at the swim up bar like to book the rooms that are on that end near that pool and then they keep the party going after dinner. I'm not saying this is bad or anything, that's just what we have seen every time we have been there. Those buildings are square to the main path too so all the balconies open up to the path. You do have glass in all the windows though. However, since you only have glass the only way to get a breeze is to open the door. The last building is right next to the Greathouse so you might be able to hear that but Patois does close at a decent hour. Everything else is upstairs so you probably can't hear the music but you would have the people leaving at 2am etc. I have never stayed in a BFVS so it is possible that the rooms on the very end also have noise from Patois getting ready for breakfast, I'm not really sure about that.

    The BFS have a different type of noise in my experience. The buildings only have 4 rooms in each one so everyone is more spread out. There is little foot traffic on the older side because there are fewer buildings with only a few rooms per building so there are many paths. None of the BFS are square to the beach so at least your balcony is a little more sheltered. Some of the buildings are right next to the Palms and in front of Seagrapes. We had one that was 2 away from the Palms and right in front of Seagrapes and it was loud at night and in the morning. We could hear the music from the Palms which was nice but we could also hear drunk people who would sometimes hang out by the pool or Seagrapes chairs after the Palms closed. We also got woken up to the sounds of silverware trays slamming around, people talking (and yelling!) to each other while setting up and carts rolling around. Had we been 3 or more buildings over from the Palms I think it would have been much quieter though. The windows have screens and shutters so you can get a nice breeze without having your door wide open so that is nice.

    We still really prefer the older section to the new. It is more peaceful and private since the buildings are more spread out and the vegetation is much more mature. The balconies are bigger on the BFS, some are MUCH bigger but I would not count on getting one of the huge balconies as there are not many of them. The BFS have atriums between the rooms so you don't share any walls with your neighbor. This is really nice because your room seems like your own private bungalow rather than a hotel room. The BFVS do share walls and are more like a hotel with three floors each having four rooms. When people are sitting on their first floor BFVS patios it seems like they are all so close together. Surely they can hear each other since I can hear all of them when I walk by. The BFS patios are not right next to each other due to the atriums and there are plants between them so we have never heard the other people even though we have all been outside at the same time. It just feels more private to me.

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    As far as location to the beach the BFS vs BFVS are essentially the same. BFVS has a TV, BFS does not. Looking at the map the BFVS are on the right side of the page, BFS are on the left...if you've never been that really doesn't matter. Read the room descriptions and look at the photos on the CSA web page, they are absolutely accurate. As far as noise, both are right on the main walking path so there is foot noisy this is depends on the people walking by and how sensitive you are to noise. We had a BFVS on the first floor and really weren't bothered by the noise, I am a heavy sleeper and my husband is a light sleeper but we both slept fine. We go to bed fairly early...10 or 11pm and get up fairly early 6ish...on vacation as we like to enjoy the daylight and sunshine. The staff do use the path for transporting dishes and such to the restaurants so there was some noise in the early morning but we didn't hear it from inside the room loud enough that it would have awakened us, out on the verandah it was obvious but we were awake and it was fun to say good morning to the staff.

    You cannot request which floor you want prior to arrival, on arrival you can ask what is available but you'll still have to take whatever they have at the time so you still may not have a choice. First floor rooms are nice in that you can step right off onto the beach, very handy. But less privacy because everyone walking by can see you on your verandah and into your room if you leave your curtains open. We liked the first floor. A second or third floor (BFS has 2nd floor, BFVS has 2nd and 3rd) may afford a little less noise as well as more privacy but you will not have the luxury of stepping off your verandah to the beach and you'll have to walk up the steps to your room. Life is full of compromises isn't it? Personally, from reading the message board I couldn't decide what I wanted so I just took what they gave us at check-in and we loved our room but I think I would have loved a 2nd or 3rd floor room just as much.

    To answer the question about the bathroom, I cannot compare the two but the bathroom in the BFVS was plenty big and I wouldn't book a room based on bathroom size having seen the one in the BFVS as it was more than adequate.

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    The BFS are in the older section and have very large verandahs, this is a blessing and also a curse the way my wife and I looked at it, they are nice and big but my wife and also thought sitting out on them all day would be like sitting in an aquarium where every one walking past is checking out the size of the patio so in turn you are on display for them as well. The BFS are only 2 levels high the second flor could be blocked by trees, and the first floor again is the aquarium feel. These rooms do not have TV's and are very nice size compared to the BFVS. The rooms are steps fromn the walking path the goes the entire length of the resort so ther will be alot of traffic passing by your room andif you like to relax with your doors open during the day, well again the aquarium.

    In our opinion the best of these 2 categories is the BFVS if you can get a room on the third flloor, Couples can not guarantee anything but we asked for a third flloor room when we arrived and they had one availabel for us. if you don't mind the stairs, these rooms provide great views with nothing in front of you but the sea. You do not have to worry about people walking right in front of your room door if you like to leave them open to the warm breezes or the sounds of the waves and tree frogs at night, and again no feeling of the aquarium treatment. We really enjoyed being able to leavve our patio doors open and enjoy it wouthout worrying about if anyone was walking around. Also because they are higher up they will be quieter from people walking by along the path. They do have a TV if you want to watch it and if not you just leave it off. The verandah is not as big as the BFS but still pleny big enough for you and husband/wife to enjoy.

    Jrice1 we are gonna be back at CSA on Oct. 19th this year for a week when are y'all going to be there?

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    We have stayed in the BFVS rooms 4 times, and have seen the inside of several beachfront rooms (BFS).

    The main difference between the room categories are:

    BFVS has TV; BFS do not.
    BFVS have tub/shower combos; BFS do not (at least none of the rooms I've seen have a combo).
    BFVS rooms are located in the "newer" section in 3-story buildings containing 12 rooms. BFS rooms are in much smaller buildings with just a few rooms per 2-story building.
    The view from the third floor BFVS room is terrific - not very obstructed by foliage. All of the lower floors in both categories can have partially obstructed views of the ocean (and the sunset).
    Some of the BFS rooms have the huge wrap around verandahs (but not all). Also the 2nd floor BFS rooms have vaulted ceilings. All of the BFVS rooms are basically the same, except the corner rooms have windows on the outer walls providing more light into the room.

    I did not think the BFS bathrooms were much bigger or nicer than the BFVS bathrooms, although the walk-in shower in the BFS rooms are certainly different.

    Both room categories are just steps to the beach. The best beach location for the money in the Caribbean, I think.

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    Default Get the Beachfront Suite

    Last year we stayed in the Beachfront suite. Our friends were in the Beachfront Veranda Suite. Our balcony was way bigger and the slatted screens were great. We were 7 steps from the beach.We will be returning in 11 days and we are both getting beachfront suites. There is no TV but we didn't need one. There is so many more amazing things going on at CSA that we were happy not to have one.

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    Thank you all! We booked a BFVS today!

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    Gosh this is great information. Thank you all so much for taking the time to post. I received a quote on both the BFS and BFVS and there is not much difference in price. Is is possible to go ahead and book the BFVS but change it when we get there if something we like better is available? Am I overthinking this way to much? LOL.... Can you tell that a vacation is much needed? Im ready for a cocktail

    Rob_N_Dayna, we will be at CSA Oct. 24- Oct 30.

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    I loved the pictures of the big veranda on the beach front suite, but the description does say that some of the views of the ocean are obstructed by lush vegetation, while the beach front veranda suite says that they all have views of the ocean. Do you have any thoughts on that?

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    We had a second floor bfvs a few years ago and our view was somewhat blocked by palms. I was kind of dissapointed. We were upgraded last month and got a first floor. We liked it better for the easy access to the beach. We just got lucky that day.

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