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    Default Packing Made Easy

    Packing for our CSS trip in September should be a breeze. We plan to spend each day on the AN beach. We may need only one suitcase instead of two....uh, maybe not, since I appear to be buying Jamaica one piece at a time.......

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    Yes, and traveling with carry-on only makes getting through the airport quicker an easier!

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    Hard and fast rule for us...CARRY ONs ONLY !

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    We agree!

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    Carry on's are the only way to go. You can get through the airport so much faster that way.

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    Doing carry on with non stop flights is quicker for sure. However coming back through Houston this April on a connecting flight EVERYONE that was doing just carry on was being pulled into secondary.

    Has anyone else encountered this at any other airports?

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    I always try to go with just a carry-on but with the limit on liquids I have a hard time getting all of the sun screen needed for the 10 days. Anyone have any ideas other than "check your bags" or "buy it when you get there". I hate checking bags (takes too much time and hassle, not to mention the extra cost) and the sun screen is very expensive at the resort. Has anyone tried filling several 3 oz bottles with sunscreen and then putting all of them in the quart ziplock? I'm not for sure you could get enough in the quart size ziplock besides would that raise concerns with security having two whole quart bags (one for me and one for my wife) stuffed with 3 oz bottles of the same looking liquid? Thoughts..........

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    Try shipping your items UPS to the resort with a "Hold till arrive" notice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjprescott View Post
    Try shipping your items UPS to the resort with a "Hold till arrive" notice.
    The resorts do not allow this so it isn't an option.

    ElPasoAggie ~ I don't think the same looking liquid would raise any eyebrows since they are looking at the stuff through an xray machine and can't tell that. The sunscreen really isn't that much more expensive at the resort. So if you really want to go without checking your luggage then I suggest buying the sunscreen at the resort. I can't do checked luggage anyway as I can't get enough shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, toothpaste, body wash, etc in a ziplock bag to last two weeks. Also, not all airlines charge for checked bags when you are going international.
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    I have been struggling with the sunscreen issue also since we are only bringing carry-ons this trip. Don't need many clothes when we will be on SSB everyday. I found 3 oz bottles of sunscreen in different SPF's at Walgreens (their brand) for 2 for $5. I got some in SPF 30 to use the first couple of days and then got SPF 15 for the rest of the trip. Perfect fit for quart size bags and still have plenty of room for shampoo, toothpaste, etc. No need to buy sunscreen and then fill other bottles.

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