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    Default Travel Insurance

    Just wondering if most people purchase the travel insurance or not offered by Couples Resorts?

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    get the insurance it is cheaper than an emergency happening and losing everything
    You insure your house and hope nothing ever happens, so insure your trip

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    I agree with Giffie. We've had to use our insurance one time when I fell and sprained my ankle. I was very glad to have the insurance.

    We've bought insurance from our TA and from Couples.
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    We don't book through couples, we use a travel agent, but we've always purchased the insurance. It's peace of mind even if you aren't thinking about it because it's helping you not think about things.

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    Trip insurance is relatively cheap for the variety of things it covers. My trip insurance reimbursed me replacement cost for my stolen camera.

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    we have bought travel insurance 4 times and had to use it twice.....

    both times it paid out more than the plan cost

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    I am also a believer in travel insurance. IMO it is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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    It's a good idea, especially during hurricane season. We buy it even though we don't typically travel that time of year.
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    Shop around, you can get a policy for much cheaper than what is offered on the travel websites if you purchase your own policy. Just do a google search for travel insurance.

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    I get it for peace of mind. With our weather in Ohio and advancing age, we never know what is going to happen.

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    We always get travel insurance.

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    Its great for peace of mind...

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    If I book a trip now with travel insurance but find a better deal, say a Wednesday special, and cancel trip A and rebook do I lose the travel insurance or will it carry over? Supposing trip is the same week.

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    We always purchase one of the lower level policies from Travel Guard. I prefer this since we book the resort at Couples website and we book the flight elsewhere (and at a later date).

    I agree with the others about the benefits of purchasing insurance.

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    pynk322--I suspect each policy is different. Our flights got changed and we had to change them, ended up rebooking on a different airline. Our trip insurance policy didn't change, the price of the trip did increase a bit so we had to pay a little more if we wanted everything covered but the rest remained as it had been at the initial booking. I'd say worst case scenario you'd lose the cost of the insurance and you'd have to repurchase but it's so cheap you could factor that in to the cost of your savings on your trip and see if you want to rebook the trip...see if you are still saving enough to make it worth rebooking. I think our insurance this year was about $95 as I recall, small price to pay for the peace of mind.

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    We would have lost $4,000 instead only cost us around $200 think about it it's well worth it.

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    Default Check for insurance with your credit card

    Hi everyone. I don't know if this applies in the US but in Canada, many of our credit cards offer an optional travel insurance for delays, sickness and cancellations. We pay $90 a year which covers both my husband and myself for any travel in the year up to a maximum reimbursement of $5000 per trip. It doesn't always cover the cost of the entire trip cost when we go for 2 weeks but its better than losing everything and is inexpensive.

    Having said that, we also booked with Couples on our last trip and also purchased their insurance for $158. We did a split 2 weeks trip and only paid once. That covered us for any extra and worth the piece of mind.

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    Thanks Tallman and Sherrynchuck.

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    I have used the insurance twice. Once when I had to cancel due to personal reasons. This last time when my wife was injured the policy covered the portion that my own insurance didn't cover. So it worked out. It's worth having for sure if you book early.

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    We had never bought trip insurance before our last trip. I purchased it when I booked in September 2010 for a December 2010 trip. I bought it that time because we were purchasing the trip early and because my mother is elderly and you never know.... 4 days before we were supposed to leave for our trip, my husband fell and broke his ankle and so we had to cancel the trip (beach + leg cast = NO FUN!) The trip insurance covered it. We only had to pay the difference between the new hotel price and the old hotel price. I will always buy it from now on.

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    I guess the thought of spending $300 for a $6000.00 vacation kinda rubs me the wrong way but reading the threads I think it is prudent that I purchase it.

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