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    Default July 4th Group Picture-Red-White and Blue

    July 4th, 2011; 1PM; Pool Bar; wearing of the red-white and blue.

    Who will be there for the group picture?

    We will-----John And Cheryl Ann from New Jersey CN 6/29-7/10/11.

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    We will be there, Bruce and Brenda from PA CN 7/1-7/9/11.
    We picked up our red, white and blue t-shirts this past weekend to wear over our bathing suits.
    38 more days for us.
    We are getting so excited. We are planning on getting our suitcases out of the attic and starting to pack this weekend. I like to put items in as I think of them.

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    We will be there too! Jimmy and Mariann from Huntsville, Alabama. I posted on the other site that I would ask the CN photographer to come down and take our picture. He has done this for us before and I got some great pictures. See you there! Mariann

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    Fourth of July would be a great day for red, white and blue body paint!

    Rick & Susan
    CN August 2008
    CSS June 2010 (& coming July 2013)
    CN July 2011

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    Looks like there is only 8 of us meeting up for the picture......I'm bringing enough small flags and red-white-blue leis for the ladies; we'll have a blast!

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    HELLO----anyone out there?

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    Hi Captain,
    We'll wear red white and blue if you like, but it will be of the union flag variety and may get cries of "The British are coming"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninjaz9r View Post
    Hi Captain,
    We'll wear red white and blue if you like, but it will be of the union flag variety and may get cries of "The British are coming"
    ABSOLUTELY; the more the merrier; anyone, any country, show your colors and your pride!! We are there to have a good time and nothing more; I'm hoping to have our picture be the envy of all the other Couples Resorts that day!

    Can't wait to meet you guys---our dates pretty much overlap--we're at CN 6/29-7/10.

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    Captain (and all)-
    If we are available at that time we'll be there for the picture. We have been visiting Negril (and other parts of Jamaica) since the late 1980's and tend to spend time outside our resort. I remember walking the beach on Bloody Bay before CN was built, and way before the Riu's were there. Best beach in the world for my $!
    We will certainly bring some Red, White, and Blue to wear and hopefully can 'buy' you a drink on the 4th. Another couple will be joining us at CN and us guys lean toward golf while the ladies never seem to get bored on the beach.
    Roy and Nancy
    June 29 - July 6

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    Hope you can make it! Look forward to meeting you...maybe in the lobby as we arrive the 29th also...

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    Yes we will look forward to meeting you and we will bring the appropriate flag for you. Our neighbors are British and we still talk to them. Just remember if you don't behave and try to collect taxes on our drinks, we have already thrown your butts out once and we can do it again(LOL).
    Yes please join us on the fourth as the Captain said " The More the Merrier!" We can't wait to meet you as we made friends with and have kept in touch with another couple from England last year!

    Have a safe trip as it takes you most of a day to get home, it only takes us 3.5 hours. We leave Philadelphia at 6:00A and are on the beach by 11:30A the same day!

    We are there 07/01 thru 07/09 and you can find us on the beach everyday, as close to the bar as I can be!

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    Hi Bruce and Brenda,

    We get to CN on the 30th after transferring from CSA.
    We'll see you there.
    About the throwing won't have the French to help this time........
    Plus you'll be in an Ex British colony so plenty of support for us.....
    Hope everyone takes any banter in fun context it is intended just like you guys and the Captain.


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    WOW...we get there on the 29th....
    Roy and Nancy and friends the 29th...
    Kevin and Becky the 30th.......
    Bruce and Brenda the 1st........
    Jim and Mariann the 1st.......

    Can't even begin to imagine what the party on the 4th (and returners dinner) will be like after we've had a few days to "bend elbows" together............looking forward to meeting all!!!!!

    The Captain and his best 1st mate...

    John and Cheryl Ann

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    I won't comment about the french, we really didn't need them the first time and I am sure we won't need them now as you are already out numbered.
    As for being an Ex British colony, I guess they threw you out also so there goes your support.
    Also remember that we don't have to wait for some guy in his bloomers on a horse with a lantern to tell us you are coming, you already warned us you will be there.
    I hope people look forward to the banter, like we do! It makes the world a lighter place to live and in these times we need a break from the reality of the world to keep us from going insane.
    Can't wait to meet you guys in person! We will be coming in on 01/07 about 11:00A. We leave PHL at 6:00A, the same day not like the Brits with their slow planes that take them 2 days to get here.
    See ya soon but not soon enough!
    Phinns Up

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    Hey Bruce and Brenda,

    A 2 day flight ain't all that bad sat in the front in the big seats next to the bar Lol.
    Treated ourselves for our 5th anniversary which is actually the day you guys arrive.
    Gonna start the 10 day picture countdown now. even though it's 10 days till we get to CSA and 15 to CN.

    So here we go........One of my office before opening hours

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    Oops, meant to do the 10 day picture countdown on the 29th June to 9th July picture thread.
    Please check there over the next 10 days for picture updates.
    Kevin and Becky

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    Kevin and Becky,

    Nice to have a picture to connect the name with.
    Congrats on 5 years and the front seats with the bar.
    If we paid for that we would have to change to a 5 day stay!
    Hope you enjoy CSA and maybe you can let us know why you go there. It is the only Couples we have not stayed at. We were thinking of doing the trading places to see what the draw there is.
    See ya in 16 days!
    Phinns Up.


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    Kim and Greg from Oklahoma, we just found out we will be there on the 4th, see you at the pool bar sporting our colors!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kim-n-greg View Post
    Kim and Greg from Oklahoma, we just found out we will be there on the 4th, see you at the pool bar sporting our colors!
    We look forward to seeing fellow "okies" on the 4th!

    Rick & Susan

    Rick & Susan
    CN August 2008
    CSS June 2010 (& coming July 2013)
    CN July 2011

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