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    Default Double Digit Dance!! DDD!!

    I get married in 94 days and will be at CN in 95 days!!! I am surprising my bride with this trip to Couples. All I told her was we are going on a honeymoon for a week, it will be on a beach and she will need a passport. She wont know were we are going till we board the plane. This is her first trip out of the country and our first trip together. I think I may be setting the vacation bar kinda high..... O well go BIG or Go HOME!

    I am so happy there is this MB. It helped me pick CN and Garden room and stay an extra night and not a suite with less time. I have a great packing list that I gave to my Bride to be and figured out I want to get us to try Scuba diving. I am so excited. Thank you everyone for your help.

    Since I am from the hip-hop generation my happy dance consist of the TLC shoulder bounce, followed by the stanky leg and a little merengue to mix it up a bit. LOL

    Happy travels to you all!

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    Well Happymon congrats to you and your wife to be and she is going to be so happy with the decision that you have made!! She is going to love being married to a man that loves to do surprises like this but heck who wouldnt!
    Happy travels to you too and enjoy the wedding and the honeymoon!!

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    I'm in the same boat as you! My bride doesn't want to know where we're going so I've been telling everybody we're going to Swizterland whereas we're actually going to CSA in 102 days. Maybe we'll run into you on the beach!

    Happy travels to you both and Congrats!

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    Thank you Soonerfans.

    dcmatthys surprises are fun! It is time for your double digit dance too!! Happy travels.

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