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    Going to CN June 1 - 6....looking at the weather forecast and it shows rain everyday! I know there are frequent, brief showers this time of year but I would hate to be washed out. Anyone think it's cause for worry or will we see the sun while we're there?

    Thanks and by the way...loved the "wish i'd thought of that" thread.

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    DO NOT wacth the weather forecast for Jamaica. One, there is nothing you can do about the weather so why worry about it. Second, every day will show rain. And finialy, it may rain every day but just for a few minutes, a great time to hang out at the bar or eat lunch. We went last year in June and every day it rain in the afternoon like clock work, but it only rains for a few minutes and the sun comes right back out.

    15 day unlil we will feel that liquid sun shine again.

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