After waiting for over a year now, my wife and I are only 27 days away from celebrating our 10 year anniversary in paradise at CSS.
My wife thinks her anniversary gift is the trip, however I wanted to do something special with it being our 10th anniversary and because she is such a wonderful wife and mother. So, I decided I would upgrade her diamond in her engagement ring. I've got it worked out on how I'm going to get her ring to the jeweler to change the diamond. I am an insurance agent so I am going to tell her we need to get updated appraisals done on her jewelry before the trip for insurance purposes. I will do this the week before our trip and then have them switch out the diamonds and have her existing diamond put into a pendant. I will tell her that her diamond in her engagement ring was really loose and we will have to leave it home so the jeweler can do some repairs to it. Then, when we get to CSS I want to give her the new necklace and pendant with her original diamond and act like that is her anniversary gift (she will have no idea that it will be her diamond in the pendant). I hope this would kill any potential suspicions she might have from having to leave her ring behind.
NOW... here is where I need help. I would love to get some ideas or advise on how I can present her new ring to her? I want her to be surprised and I want it to be special. I've spent a small fortune on this gift and I think I'm as excited to give it to her as I am to get to CSS.
Thanks in advance for your help!!!