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    Default Question on Beach Front Veranda Suites at CSA

    I was wondering if any of these suites have high ceilings! I saw somewhere else on the message board a pic of a Beachfront suite with a high ceiling it was really nice! I thought maybe the 3rd floor suites had the high ceilings?

    Also, does anyone recommend any particular BVS for instance floor or end unit etc. We don't really want to be on the first floor it seem like then everyone would be walking by all the time...what do you think?? I would love to know planning a wedding next May!


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    The 3rd floor rooms don't have high ceilings, not like a Cathedral ceiling, if that's what you mean.
    There are benefits to each floor, depending on your peronal taste.
    First floor rooms allow you to have Contintental breakfast served right to the verandah, without having to get up and answer the door- and you can walk right out to the beach. And no stairs to climb. I don't think most poeple who stay at Couples are going to be intrusive when they pass by- they're just walking somewhere. That would not concern me.
    2nd and 3rd floors allow more privacy and views...which are more important to us, than other things.
    Corner rooms have more light, as there are shutters behind the bed that can be opened,and in those rooms the Verandah is opened on 2 sides.

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    The cathedral ceilings are in the second floor beachfront suites, not the beachfront verandah suites.

    We like the second and third floor of the BFVS because we go to Jamaica in the winter and like to sleep with the verandah doors open so we can listen to the gentle sound of the waves (it's probably too hot to sleep with the doors open in May, though).

    The other advantage to the third floor is that you are almost guaranteed to have a view of the sunset. We've stayed in different units on the second floor twice, and on one visit, we could view the sunset, on the other visit, our view was obstructed. Not a huge deal, but it was a teeny tiny bit disappointing.

    If you decide on a first floor room, there is something wonderful about walking directly from your verandah right onto the beach. The BFVS at CSA are about as close as you can get to staying directly on the beach without spending gobs of cash at other pricey resorts.

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