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    Default Need some advice please!

    Ok, i am a newbie to the couples brand, but have gotten rave reviews from friends that have gone for honeymoons. To make a long story short, my husband and I might be coming for a visit in 2012, including a vow renewal. I know that most of the resorts offer AN beaches, but swept away does not. Is there any talk about them starting an AN beach in 2012? Could we go to another resort for a day and participate? I am not a nudist, but that last time I worked up the nerve, there was a 10 year old child staring at me, and I put my top on immediately! Any ideas? I am 33, and my youth and courage is fading fast! Please help!

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    If you are wishing to dip your toe into the AN experience at Couples and want to visit Negril, then why not CN? It is only a couple miles from CSA and does offer an AN beach area. If your heart is set on CSA then you are probably out of luck.

    There is no section of CSA that would be conducive to offering an AN area on the beach. It is a "public" beach and runs the length of the property. So no, there is no talk of adding an AN area to CSA. Sorry. You could go topless on the beach at CSA if that is any consolation, it is allowed. You won't see a great many topless women on the beach, but there are always a few souls that will bare their assets so to speak. And I have never seen any 10 year olds staring at them.

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    If you sign up for Romance Rewards you can do a day trip to the other resort (CSA/CN, OR CSS/CTI), which would give you the chance. However, if AN is what you want, try one of the other resorts. From all I have read and my experiences at CSS and CT, CSS or CTI is the best for first timers. Their AN areas are much more private. Also, imo CSS is very romantic and would be a great place for a vow renewal, but to each their own. The beaches at CTI and CSS are not as nice per what everyone has said here. (I would not know, we have only gone to CSS with a trading places at CTI)
    Also, we are in our 50's and I would say the majority of people on the AN areas are at least 40. Sometimes you get a younger couple, but not as much. I think this board has helped bring a few more to the
    AN side. My believe in the reason for this is because by that time you are much more comfortable with your own image (don't really care what others think), and with your relationship with your SO.

    So IMO, look all the areas over, and choose which resort you want based on your main requirements, and if you decide on CSA, do the Trading Places and check out the AN on CN.

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    There has not been any talk of starting a nude beach at CSA that I know of. There isn't really anywhere to put one. The beach is public and there is a family resort on one side and a bunch of shops on the other. The beach is really long but it's strait so you can stand on one end and see the whole thing if you are at the water line. It would be totally possible for a kid to stare at you because they are allowed to walk from their resort all the way down the beach as long as they stay at the water line.

    You could stay there and visit CN which does have a nude beach though.

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    I can say with certainty that CSA will not create an AN section on their beach. If you want to try AN, then sign up for Romance Rewards and go on the Trading Places option and use the AN beach at CN. Or just book CN and you will still get a fabulous beach.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    You can register for the Romance Rewards and then you could do Trading Places at CN which has an AN section of beach. HOWEVER--the beach does have a pubic walkway at the waters edge and is located next to a family resort. Have you considered CTI or CSS. They are both in OR and the resorts are situated in coves.

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    No nude beach planned for CSA but you could do the trading places to c negril and try their nude beach. You must sign up to be a romance rewards member to participate.

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    If you want the best nude option, go to sans souci. If you want the best beach and a nude option (not as nice) how about CN? CSA is tough to beat on all other things but you could go there and do a trading places day at CN. For us, just one day of nude beach isnt enough!

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    We just spent our honeymoon at CSA and had the time of our lives. My wife laid out topless a couple times, as did a few others. Haven't heard of all nude coming to CSA, but all is laid back in Negril/ CSA. Topless as opposed to All Nude may suit your courage level better anyway. You can go to Hedo for a day if youre feeling adventurous

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