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    Default Dress code at CSA

    Most of dinner places at CSA say "Resort Elegant" or "Resort Casual". Does this mean nice golf shorts are acceptable for men b/c Feathers is says specifically "elegant casual" and secifies long pants for men.

    Just trying to figure out what to pack for our upcoming honeymoon trip to CSA May 23-30!

    Any help you could give would be great.

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    The men have to wear slacks and a collared shirt at Feathers, along with closed shoes. At every other restaurant at CSA, the men can wear nice golf shorts for dinner. For the ladies, I usually bring along lots of summery dresses - very easy to pack. The beach party is very casual (shorts and tops, even t-shirts).

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    We will be at CSA then too. Last time I wore linen pants to Feathers and Lemongrass along with collared shirts. Tshirts and shorts everywhere else. Closed shoes at Feathers though. Bring linen or lightweight shirts though because it gets hot eating outside.
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    Guys can eat dinner at most restaurants on CSA wearing a nice shirt and shorts (this is what I wore most of the time). Feathers requires pants, collared shirt and closed toed shoes.

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    Hi. We went last year. Your husband can wear nice shorts and sandals at any of the restaurants that do not require reservations. Pants at the ones that do. It is not strict there. Enjoy, food is amazing there. My favorite was the Jamaician one. I also liked the Thai one bc of the atmosphere even though I dont really like Asian food.

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    Yes, nice polo golf shirts are acceptable. The last time we were there for dinner I would wear a pair of light linen pants, closed sandals, and typically Under Armour polo shirts because they were so cool in the humid temps.

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    I was just there and some men were wearing nice collared golf shirts but most wore short sleeved sports shirts or Hawaiian shirts, slacks, and closed toe shoes. I guess your age may comes into play on this. Either way you can't go wrong and will be served. By the way, there are irons in the rooms if you need them after the shirts are packed in the suit case. Again...not sure of your age or preferences in how you like your clothes

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    For evening meals wear what you would wear to a nice romantic dinner out at home. Most women will be wearing a dress or dressy capris and a nice top. Men will be wearing shorts and a hawaiian or golf type shirt. Remember it's warm and humid even at night so no need for anything extravagant but summer nice clothes are appropriate. Indeed at Feathers men are required to wear pants but they do not have to be suit type pants, linen type pants are appropriate, it's a little more dressed up so step it up just a notch if you plan to eat there.

    Day clothing you'll be in your swim wear so just be sure you have cover-ups for you and you can eat in any of the restaurants and your husband just needs a t-shirt with his swim trunks. Shoes of any kind are acceptable during the day and are required in the restaurants...flip flops, water socks, whatever.

    When you pack go easy...a couple pair of shoes that go with everything you are bringing. If you are bringing capris mix and match tops and bottoms , you'll only be in them for a couple hours so they can easily be worn more than once. Dresses don't take up much space and can also be worn more than once if you want as you won't be in them more than a couple hours. Have hubby mix and match shorts and shirts as well. It always sounds so wonderful to wear a different outfit every night but in reality lugging a heavy suitcase is a pain, wonderful will be to have a lightweight suitcase and not worry about your clothes and really enjoy a carefree honeymoon.

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    I understand that Feathers is closed toed shoes, and my fiance has boat shoes for there, but what about the other restaurants for dinner? We're 26, and my fiance does not wear men's sandals...he wears nice flip flops (leather), tennis shoes and boat shoes when I tell him he needs something nicer. Can he wear the flip flops to dinner with nice shorts and a polo or button down?
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    He could wear the flip flops except to the reservation restaurants and then the boat shoes would be required.

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    I'm sure someone will pull it from the FAQS (I am too lazy.. LOL), but I really don't think he can wear flip flops, even leather ones, at any restaurants for dinner. Breakfast and lunch yes, dinner no. I think it's more about the amount of toe/foot showing, along the same lines of no sleeveless t-shirts for me. Someone will correct me if I am wrong!
    I'm not sure what you're thinking of as "men's sandals". They aren't all really dressy. There are a lot of sport sandals, like Keens, for example, that are more closed than flip flops. I'm sure those would be ok. I'm pretty sure my DH has worn those to the non-reservable restaurants, but boat shoes are always a sure thing.

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    I don't see anything that says no flip flops for men. I see the descriptions of appropriate attire for Lemongrass and Feathers but Palm and Patois Patio both state resort casual and in the FAQ it does not state no flip flops for men. When we were there in October I saw plenty of men in the nice leather flip flops as described above and never saw anyone turned away from these two restaurants.

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