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    Default question about private transportation to CSS

    We are arriving in Mo-Bay around 10:30 am in hope of hitting the beach by noon!!! We are concerned that Couples will make us wait for later flights to arrive so they can send a full bus load!!
    Anyone ever do private transportion?? Is it worth the money, will you get there any quicker or will Couples put you on their bus as soon as you arrive and off you go???

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    Couples will put you on their bus or mini-van within minutes after you get to the Couples lounge, and off you will go!!

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    Couples does not make you wait for a "Bus Load". You will be in the Couples van within 15 minutes (and maybe only 5 minutes) of your arrival at the Couples lounge. Just make sure they know what time your flight lands, so they can have transportation waiting for you....just for you!

    Private transportation will cost as much as a massage at the resprt and won't get you there any sooner. Take the massage instead!
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    Usually off you go! Full bus or not...

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    Couples shuttles run even if only two people are on board. The shuttles are scheduled around arriving flights not around "full buses". You may wait a few minutes if others have arrived within a short time but it's rare anyone waits more than 15 minutes or so. I wouldn't consider paying for private ground transportation. If you really want to get there quicker look at flying but don't do it because you are worried about waiting for the shuttle.

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    There is 0 possibility you will be on the beach by noon. You would have to step off the plane and into an awaiting transport and hope traffic is light. But since you have to go through immigration and possibly retrieve your bags you are looking at a minimum 2 hours. We usually have pretty good luck in not waiting more than 15 minutes for a shuttle. Last year was an exception and we waited 45 minutes (30 minutes sitting on the shuttle - so frustrating!!!).


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    they won't make you wait for a full bus

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    20 minutes is the max you usually wait the buses are constantly running even if they only put one couple in them. Sometimes we have left so quickly after arriving at Couples airport lounge there almost wasn't even enough time for a quick bathroom break. I would not waste the money on private transportation.
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    You can use private transportation, but you still will most likely not be on the beach by noon. You land at 10:30, then it takes 15-20 minutes to deplane and get to immigration. Make sure the paperwork is completed that they give you on the plane. Then it can take 15 minutes -1 1/2 hours depending on the number of flights arriving to get through immigrations. Then baggage claim, which by this time, most bags are off loaded and waiting, so if you don't see it on the belt, don't panic, look around. Then go to customs. Again how long it takes depends on the number of arriving flights. Once out of customs, go to left to Couples lounge and check in. Grab a beer, pepsi or water. Next the drive to CSS is 1 1/2 hours to two depending on traffic and if you make a stop for drinks, restroom and jerk pork or chicken. Last year our driver asked and no one wanted to stop, so we went straight through. Also, the most we have ever waited was 15 minutes and that was last year. Most times we barely have time to get a drink and use the restroom. You do not wait for later flights, just everyone that is due at that time. So even if time is in your favor and you hire a private driver, the beach isn't happening by noon maybe 1:30-2:00. Relax, you will be in Jamaica and on Jamaica time.

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