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    Default Is there a grocery store close to CSS????

    Just wondering if there is a grocery store or quick shop kind of store in walking distance to CSS?

    I'd like to check one out for coffee and spices.

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    I don't remember there being any stores within walking distance, however, there is an included shopping trip and you will find coffee and spices on that trip. There will also be selections at the airport and in the gift shops. I don't drink coffee, so I don't know the prices to compare.

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    If you take one of the shuttles into Ocho Rios and walk about 3 or 4 blocks east of Island Village on Main Street, across the parking lot from the craft market is a full service grocery store. I always go in and get spices, jerk seasonings, Jamaica catsup and other things we don't have here, to take home. They even have a liquor section with things like bottles of mud slides and other liquors you don't see at the airport. Prices are cheaper to. I wouldn't miss going there when in Ochi.
    Jean & Ron J

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    there is a gas station with a store in it down the road but not in walking distance
    I would take the free shopping shuttle
    I think it goes it least 3 days a week in the early pm

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