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    Default Beach Party Attire

    Hey Everyone! Just a quick question about the beach party...what is the common attire? swimsuit? shorts? sundress? And also, we will be there in May/June, will be need light jackets for the evenings on the beach? Thank You in advance for your help and we want to thank everyone who has answered questions for us in the past. You have truly been so helpful. We love this message board and can't wait to get to CN and fall in love with it!!

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    I never wore a light jacket except in feathers I wore a sweater, it was cold in there. For the beach party its still warm at night so sundress or nice shorts and a top. Same with guys shorts and a top, no sundress lol.

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    We just returned. Wear what you will feel comfortable in walking in sand. At CSS, the party is in sand. Nice shorts and tops will work well. My hubby wore shoes and I think that was a mistake. I did not see any bathing suits, however.

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    We wer in CN the 1st week of May. It looked like most people wore shorts and nice shirts to the bonfire on the beach with sandles of some type. You are on the beach watching the show from the lounge chairs with your honey. It was a great show and the singer and guitarist is great. He sells a copy of his CD for $15 usd after . We have enjoyed listening to it at home. It brings us back to that night. Great memories.

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