So. We've been going back and forth on purchasing travel insurance for our honeymoon that is quickly approaching (May 31st!) ...and it seems that we can't find a policy that covers just "regular" flight delays (delays that are not caused by a mechanical issue or weather) Here's the thing...we're most concerned about missing a night at the resort because of a flight delay. We're flying Spirit air (which has only 1 flight per day from Fort Lauderdale to Montego Bay) so if we miss this flight (say because our flight coming from Chicago is delayed...which I hear can be common with Spirit Air) then we'll miss our first night at CSA.

Most insurance policies (at least the ones I've found) will ONLY cover unused accomodations if the delay is from a weather, mechanical or strike issue lasting 12 hours?! And from what I've experienced in the world of air travel lately is that airlines can delay/cancel their flights for anything and whenever they want. And even if one of those things were the reason for the delay...even for 2 hours (let alone 12!) would cause us to miss a night.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there ANY policy that will reimburse unused nights already paid for because of a regular ole flight delay?

Any help/opinions/suggestions would be appreciated! At this point, my only solution is to pray. alot. every day.