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    Default Tell me about Beachfront Suites at CSA

    Have any of you stayed in the Beachfront Suites verses the Beachfront Verandah Suites? I know about not having a TV, but any other difference?

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    I think the BFS are more private, a couple steps further off the main walkway. Both right on the beach though. Also I think the verandah is bigger on the BFS. We've only ever stayed in the BFS and cant imagine staying anywhere else.

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    I have stayed in both room types at CSA. This year we had a Beachfront Suite and liked it better than the Beachfront Veranda. There are only 2 floors on BFS vs 3 on BV. It was much quieter and more private. I loved that the wooden blinds opened to a screen for more tropical air. The room we had had a nice beach view and on the other side there was an open park area. we booked for next year already and are staying in a BFS. The BVS have a full ocean view whereas the room we stayed in had 3/4 view . The BFS rooms are a little bigger (or so it seems) and the porch is huge. Lov it......................

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    If I had the money, I would try a bfs. They look awesome.

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    There are a lot of threads that have detailed responses to this same question so you might get more info there too. One major difference is that the BFS do not share any walls with the other suites in the building so you have windows on all sides. The BFVS is set up like a hotel with 3 floors of 4 rooms all in a row with shared walls.

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    We stayed in the BFS last May and are doing so again in September... We booked a year in advance and were able to upgrade from the atrium for a great rate (which I did really want to try but maybe next year)...anyway... The BFS was perfect for us ... it took a couple of nights to get used to not having a TV but after that i realized it was a true vacation with no distraction. The room is older and its true the slats opened to screening but we never had an issue with it too warm - actually it got very cold and I turned it down a few times. We were on the second floor and the balcony was very large and the view was awesome. IMO it was a tad noisier than say back where the atrium rooms are BUT the location made up for it. I dont think anyone would have a problem in any room categry at SA. The place is HEAVEN on earth and is the best vacation we have ever taken in all 7 to jamaica. It is now our home in J....... let us know what u decide.

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