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    Saw this at the liquor store the other day & it sounds like the Rum Cream we all love. Anybody ever try it? I'm desperate for a Nutty Jamaica !!!!
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    Yes, we have some now. It is good. Kinda taste like a cinnamon roll. I don't drink the rum cream. My husband does and it's not the same but still good.

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    My wife brought a bottle home from the store recently... tastes like cookie dough, mildly spiked with rum, so if you like that, then this might be your next buzz... but we gave it to our daughter... we didn't like it at all.

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    Sounds like Horchata (Rice Milk with Cinnamon, I think) with rum in it.

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    We have another brand sold locally in Minneapolis that is a little stronger than Rum Chata called Cruzan Rum Cream. It isn't as smooth as the Jamaican brands but is a pretty good substitute while away from "home".

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    As stated above, Cruzan does make a Rum Cream product. It's not quite the same, but a very good substitute. It's sold nationally so it should be available at any larger liquor store where you live. It's in a bright white bottle usually on the speciality aisle near the all the Irish Cream liqueurs.

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