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    Default June 2011 who will be there

    My husband and I will be there June 2 - 10. 5th visit anyone else going to be ther

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    Hi Sharker, my hubby and I will be there 9-16 June. This will be our 3rd visit to CN. I am beginning to get excited...6 months isn't long to wait at all. We're from Parker, Colorado.

    Kristen & Matt

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    Default June 2 - 10

    We are from outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. our 5th visit

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    My husband and I will be there June 25 through July 2. It's to celebrate our 25th aniversary (June 28).

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    6th through 13th. 2nd Visit. last time for a wedding this time for ours on the 9th.

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    June 26 - July 1...This is our first time to Couples Negril and really looking forward to it. Any tips or advice?

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    Default June 1-5

    My wife and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary. Just a short 5 day trip because the kids will be back home. Will be our first time at CSA and can't wait. It sounds exactly like what I want out of a vacation. Just a laid back,fun and friendly no glitz place. Just wish I didn't have to put long pants on to eat at the restaurants. Hope to see you there. Mike and Betsy from Syracuse, N.Y.

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    We will be there 1st through 7th. A friend is getting married there.

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    My boyfriend and I will be there 31/05 - 14/06. This is our second trip!

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    We'll be here June 11-19th-2nd visit. Can't wait.
    Sally and Jeff

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    Will be there May 29th, GETTING MARRIED JUNE 1 CSA, staying till June 4th. Look for us. I will be the one in the wedding dress the 1st.
    Jane and John, PA

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    I posted above and wanted to say that we were bringing about 30 to 40 friends with us this time as well.

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    Honeymooning CN June 13-17 -- first timers!

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    June 25 thru July 2 for us! This will be our 4th time to CN. Combination of Anniversary (17th) and Birthday (43) celebration. We'll be under the seagrapes tree on the AN side, stop by and I'll buy the drinks!

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    Dorothy and James Larks - June 21st - 28th! Lost count on how many times - between 16 - 18...not enough! Celebrating our 12th anniversary as we were married in Ocho Rios and then honeymooned in Negril in 1999 - part of the prenup was to always spend our anniversary in Jamaica at Couples! Remember that ladies (and gents)! Looking forward to a wonderful vacation as always!
    Dorothy & James - Delaware

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    We will be there June 28-3 July! Celebrating our 5th anniversary on the 30th...and then just celebrating the rest of the time! Can't wait!!!

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    CSA June 27th - July 4th!

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    Just booked today for CN June 1-6! WooHoo!

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    Default june 26th to july 3rd

    1st timers!! Cant wait! At cn 26th thru 3rd.. 25th anniv on the 30th! Sun, sand, rum, blue mountain coffee! how can this not be paradise? see you there!

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    Newbies from Broken Arrow, OK will be there from 22nd-29th. Can't wait to be blown away by the Couples Experience!!

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    Bud & Tiffiny June 6-13th....first timers!!! Our Honeymoon!!! 57 days

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    7 weeks 1 day and 11 hours

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    I am very excited too.

    With the numerous bank holidays and upcoming Royal Wedding here in the UK, I have 25 working days left before our trip to CN!!


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    Default CN end of june!

    Wow, glad to see so many of us will be there at the same time! We can't wait!!!! 28 June-3 July for us...seems like we'll get to meet a bunch of you!

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    Surprising my wife with first trip to CN June 29-July 4 to celebrate our 25th anniversary

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