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    My husband and I were at Couples Negril in April and had an amazing time..cannot wait to go back. Were are thinking of bringing our daughters next trip, April 16-22 of 2012. They'll be 19 & 17. I cannot find however if those ages are ok...someone told me they thought 17 was the age minimum. Any help?

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    Ummm, this is a joke right?? Couples is for COUPLES.

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    Age of consent is 16. Age of legal drinking 18. Age considered an adult 18.

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    Dear Beck,

    At the risk of sounding harsh, please do not bring your children to CN. This resort is called "Couples" for a very good reason. We go to enjoy each other, and other couples, not their children. While they may be the best teen-agers in the world, they are certainly not a COUPLE.

    I'm pretty sure the nude beach is NOT something you want to expose your 17-year old daughter to.

    There are many family-oriented resorts for you to bring your daughters. Couples Negril is not one of them.



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    Quote Originally Posted by beck View Post
    My husband and I were at Couples Negril in April and had an amazing time..cannot wait to go back. Were are thinking of bringing our daughters next trip, April 16-22 of 2012. They'll be 19 & 17. I cannot find however if those ages are ok...someone told me they thought 17 was the age minimum. Any help?
    Unless each of them are bringing their significant others, you shouldn't be bringing them to a COUPLES resort. Singles are frowned upon, even if they are adult children,

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    Couples is for adult couples only. Single people are not welcome, and neither are 16 year olds. That's why we go there.
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    I hate it when people have to respond like this, but here goes- I'll be the first.
    "We were there in April and found it amazing" Then why would anyone want to push the rules and change the uniqueness of Couples?.
    How about jean shorts, tank tops and flip flops at Otaheite, and Feathers?
    Or- Can't my wife wear her bottoms to the Nude areas if I'm nude?
    Or- The men who leave their wives on the clothing beach and want to go to the nude areas alone for their own little thrill.
    Some folks are just never satisfied with status quo and will try to change anything--yes, even a perfect resort.
    What brings us all back to Couples time and again is "It's Couples" and it's for couples.
    I for one hope it never changes and we'll be returning guests till we can't travel any longer.
    But on the serious side. Most singles would probably be bored with the lack of loud music, groups of the same, and no nite life for that sort. There are to many "family" resorts that caters to exactly that.
    Couples is great for couples who are looking for that special get away. And I want to thank the their management for keeping it just that way.
    Thank You

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    No - do not bring them. If you truly have been to Couples, then you know it is a resort for COUPLES. If it were for families, it would have a different name. There are plenty of other nice resorts in Jamaica that cater to families with older children.

    Thank you.

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    Pulled from the COUPLES resort website:

    Without distraction, crowds, children or schedules, our "couples only" philosophy translates into pure romance from the moment you arrive. Whether playing in the sea, dancing under the stars, indulging in spa treatments or simply lying together in a hammock on your balcony, this vacation is all about you and the one you love.

    Based on the guest population of this resort, not to mention the name of the resort is Couples, even if there are no official rules on age this is not a place where kids would be looked at being there kindly by other guests, and I guarentee guests would complain to management. We'll be making our 6th trip to Couples this fall, and we (along with everyone else we talk to on each trip) continue to come back every year because of the kid/family-free environment. This guest population does not want to spend thousands of dollars to come to Jamaica to take a vacation away from reality (and often their kids) and then have someone else's kids running around them. There are plenty of family resorts in Jamaica that would be more appropriate for a family vacation. If kids start to be permitted to stay on property us and many others would not be coming back.

    If I put myself in the shoes of a 17 year old again this is honestly the last type of resort I would want to go to... nobody else my own age and watching a bunch of old people (old from a 17yo's perspective) acting all romantic with each other.

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    COUPLES is named that for a reason, the ideology behind the resort is for adult couples to vacation together, if you want to vacation in Negril with your daughters than I would suggest a different resort. Not to sound harsh but why even think of bringing your daughters especially after you just had a wonderful time ALONE in April and you experienced the nature of a COUPLES adult resort. Is this really a thought, or did you post this just to see what reaction it would receive????????

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    Couples is for Couples, not families. I would prefer it stay that way.

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    I once read somewhere that 18 was the minimum but I don't think that's the issue as much as the fact that you are making it a "family" vacation. Couples resorts are really designed to be romantic couples oriented resorts. I'm not implying your daughters will run rampant through the resort, it's just that Couples resorts are designed for couples. You've been there so you know. It's easy to think "it's only our two daughters, we won't even be noticed"...what if others felt the same and did the same? Soon it's a family resort just no toddlers.

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    Did you notice many single teenagers when you were there?

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