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    Default Able to store golf clubs at course (CSS)??

    Hubby golfs nearly everyday and has historically stored his clubs (securely and free) at the golf course on past trips.

    This is our first Couples trip (CSS) and he is wondering if he will be able to do the same, so he does not have to lug back and forth daily.

    Also, when we arrive are we able to book his tee times for the whole 2 weeks, or does it have to be done daily?

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    Hi, Wow - everyday? Have you ever played in Jamaican HEAT??

    My husband and brother-in-law stored their clubs "somewhere" at CSS when we checked in. I am sure it won't be a problem to store them at the club and they will be only too happy to have your business, so you are certain to be able to book tee times in advance.

    I do think that the 'free' tee-times are at the very hottest part of the day, which is why they are free. From memory, they could only go between 10am and 12.


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    Not sure about the clubs but booking tee times is done daily and at least at CSA it was not a big deal. They had a bus that left at 8:00 am for people who wanted to play 18 and then another one that came back to pick you up around 1:00. All you had to do was put your name in at the desk so they had you on the list.

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    And, so I understand, he is able to have any tee times....not just the "sloppy leftovers" that those who stay at "golf included" resorts get when you visit non-Couples resorts? He can golf at 7am if he chooses?

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    Not sure if you can but I wouldn't do that if you ever want to see them again.
    Shari & James
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    Default Golf Clubs

    Shari- I disagree, I have ALWAYS left my clubs at the course in Negril- never had an issue- usually, set up with the caddie when i was playing again and i usually had the same caddie all week and they made sure my clubs were stored safely- they actually cleaned them as well (for a lil extra)
    Dave & Beth Hay

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    You can get any tee time. Just know that Couples only covers the green fees. Your husband will have to pay for the cady fee/tip and a cart, if he uses it.
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