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    We have booked our first trip to CSA in early July. Just wondered if they have bikes we can use? thanx

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    Sorry, no bikes available that I know of. The resort use to offer a bike tour a few years back. I guess there wasnít enough interest to keep it going. I think it would be somewhat dangerous to ride on the Negril road. Itís very busy. I ride all over the state of Iowa and I wouldnít ride in Jamaica.

    Come to RAGBRAI some summer and ride. This is a weeklong bike ride across the state and there are up to 25,000 riders some days. Itís the oldest and largest bike ride in the world and it's in Iowa.

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    They used to have bikes when we first started going in 2006. They had an escorted bike trip into town. I think that it was just too dangerous to have people biking along the main road.

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    We just got back and I didn't see any bikes... nor any real place where you can ride them. Road has very little shoulder and you would be risking your life to try and ride there and sand is too soft.

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    Thanx very much Beach-bum for the info and for the invite to RAGBRAI. When in the summer? Cheers.

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    RABRAI is the last full week in July. Check it out at

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    Yes at one point they did have bikes and you could take a nice ride back in the day. But times have changed in Negril and unfortuantely, I believe with the up-keep of the bikes, maintenance, along with the dangerous driving conditions on the Boulevard they have since decided to do away with them, as have a lot of the other resorts on 7-mile as well.

    I believe there are still a couple of places that you can rent, check with the concierge at CSA they will know for sure.

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