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    Default 8 More Days to CSA....Few questions....

    finally...its almost here.
    we arrive at CSA on 5/22 for 7 nights.
    few last minute questions, hopefully you can help.

    1. i am trying to bring as few things as possible - hoping to cross off Conditioner from my list - how is the conditioner that is in the shower? My long hair tends to get very knotty (spell?) from heat and ocean water.

    2. How is the electrical outlet situation in the rooms? (i am in a GVS if that makes a difference) I ask because I know other resorts we have been too, especially older ones, may only have a few not in use by lamps or such. Is it worth it to bring a power strip?

    3. Ipod Docking Alarm - Is this suitable for listening to music in the room? Can you even hear it if on the verandah?

    4. I really dont want to carry my entire medicine cabinet to the resort. If I need Advil or whatever, how are the prices in the gift shop? Anyone ever come across something they couldn't get in gift shop?

    5. I know the bar won't fill my personal cup, but what about water bottles? Is there a self-serve water station for filling a large bottle (that i would bring from home)? I tend to drink a lot of water on the beach and don't want to have to keep getting refills in small cups.

    6. Do you bring an umbrella? I'm not afraid to get a little wet, but should I be concerned that since the GVS are towards back of resort and if we had dinner reservations, might i have to walk through a (passing) storm?

    7. We have never flown into MBJ on a Sunday....anyone done this recently and can comment on how busy airport is? We arrive about 130pm

    thanks everyone, rachel

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    Welcome to the Couple Family..

    1. I have long curly hair too and I use the hair products provided bc we only take a carry on with us. Don't over pack. I also dont bother to do my hair bc of the humidity, I just pull it up for dinner.

    2. No, on the power strip. You will be fine.

    3. I'm not sure about that one, we just use it for charging.

    4. Like any resort, the prices are high. We always bring meds with us. Advil, pepcid, allergy meds etc. This is priceless.

    5. At breakfast you may want to ask the staff to fill up our bottle and then again at lunch I'm sure the will be more then happy to help.

    6. Golf size umbrella are in the closet.

    7. I don't remember what days I've been there.. I do know it depends on how many flights land at once, that slows the lines down. Bring a pen so you can fill out the paperwork on the plane, this will help you move through the line. Leaving is a different story... but maybe it's because we are leaving

    Relax and enjoy your trip

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    All of your questions have been answered here on the message board multiple times...most of them even very recently. You'll get answers to your post but if anything remains unclear a little bit of searching will yield you tons of info on all these subjects.

    Couples provides a shampoo/conditioner combo that most say is adequate for shorter hair or thinner non-dry hair. I'd say you need to bring your own. I have short hair and did fine.

    No outlets in the bathroom, there is a provided hair dryer but the output is fairly weak. You can certainly unplug a lamp to free up an outlet but if you have a concern bring an extension cord or power strip. You don't mention how many appliances you will use at any one time but as in most hotel rooms outlets are limited.

    The docking station is quite adequate...obviously not on par with an upscale stereo system some folks may have at home but it's nice for the location. Not like you are going to pack anything to substitute for it anyway.

    I always bring a small bottle of a few medications. They do have a selection in the gift shops but they are pricey. Up to you if you want to save the hassle of packing them and them possibly pay that price or pack them and then not use them. Honestly in 15 trips I think I've used an Advil once so depends on your personality and how often you use that type of thing whether it's worth it. Certainly they don't have a selection such as your local drug store so if there is something you use commonly or really feel you have a chance of needing I'd bring a travel size bottle.

    We always bring our own insulated water bottles but they do provide bottled water in the mini bar and I think next trip to Couples we'll leave our bottles home...the place we've always stayed before didn't offer this service. If you want it to stay cold longer you'll want your insulated bottle.

    There are umbrellas in all the rooms, nice big ones that are perfect for two.

    The airport is generally busiest on the weekends, least busy midweek. Afternoons are also busier than morning or later in the evening. You are probably going to have some lines so just accept that as part of the experience and get in relaxation mode before you deplane and go with the flow, nothing you can do about it. I figure better to be standing in line in the Montego Bay airport than to be at work any day no matter how long the line or how slow it's moving.

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    We will be arriving there on the 21st so if you see a tall baldish guy with a short blond, that is me. I'll buy you a drink!

    1. My wife brings her own conditioner. Didn't like theirs but this time she doesn't plan on even trying to do her hair. That's a vacation itself.

    2. There aren't a ton of outlets but no need for a strip.

    3. iPod dock is great! We use it everytime we go to the room. Loud enough.

    4. Bring a little but if you need more it's expensive but about average for a hotel shop. We bring a small bottle of advil and some immodium. Small enough to pack.

    5. There is a fountain machine at both ends that have pepsi, 7up, ginger ale, ting, tea and water. And ice.

    6. No need for an umbrella. There is one in the room.

    7. We arrived on a Sunday last time around noon and it wasn't bad. It literally changes daily depending on other flights that arrive at your time. Took us 30 minutes total to get through customs and immigration probably. Not bad at all.
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    The hair conditioner is very good, as is the shampoo! I have long hair to that knots up. There are ample electrical outlets. You should be able to hear the ipod on the verandah if you leave door open. Bring your own meds, get the small travel size, it will save you money and be more convient. The gift shop is limited. I don't think the bar tenders mind filling water bottles, if they do, use the shower that is there on the beach, and the water is safe I drank a ton of it while I was there. They have umbrellas in the room for you in the closet, plus thatched roofed areas you can sit under in a sun chair. I flew into MBJ on Saturday, the worst day to arrive according to custom agents, we had a two hour wait, all other days they said were relatively faster! Have a great time and enjoy every minute, because when you get back you will be trying to figure out how to get back there again as soon as possible. We honeymooned there in April, and are planning on going again next March. It is paradise! Try the stuffed banana french toast at the patio, the cheese burger and onion rings at the cababnna grill and the fish tacos at the sea grapes hut. Have a Higher level, its a fruity drink that is superb! Hope you have an awesome time!

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    1. No need
    2. No need
    3. No need.
    4. I got one of these and love it!
    5. Don't know
    6. No need. There should be one in your room.
    7. Weekends are usually the busiest.

    Have fun! We are coming in August to CN!

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    1. Bring your own
    2. You're fine
    3. Works great
    4. I usually take my own meds
    5. Fill it up in your room
    6. No, I just get wet, mon
    7. It varies
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    Just to add to the shampoo/conditioner - if you have long, thick hair and/or curly hair you will not be happy with what it in the room. It is a 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner. There is a product that I love that I get from the salon called Joico K-Pak Sun Therapy Protective Sun Milk. Spray it in your hair before you go out into the sun and water. It keeps your hair so smooth even while swimming and protects it from the sun as well as you color(if you color your hair) Using a product like this you are more likely to be able to use the shampoo/conditioner available at the resort. Fabulous product!

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    [QUOTE=No1conner;130872]Just to add to the shampoo/conditioner - if you have long, thick hair and/or curly hair you will not be happy with what it in the room. It is a 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner. QUOTE]

    Did not realize this was a combo of shampoo/conditioner - I should probably bring my stuff.

    Thanks for the product recommendation!

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    One more small item to bring...... Take a few clothes pins with you. I did and it helped to dry my swim suit by hanging on the clothes line in the shower. :-)

    also, just relax and enjoy. We had the most amazing time at CSA. We are going back in Feb. I miss everyone at the resort, the tree frogs that sing you to sleep and ,,,,,, and,,,,, I could go on forever about what I miss. I hope you have as amazing of a time as we did.

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    My husband and I are arriving on Sunday, too.... And staying in a GVS! Our flight lands at 11:30AM hope to see you guys there!

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    My husband and I are going to be there on Sunday, too! And we are also staying in a GVS

    Our flight lands at 11:30! Hope to see you all there!

    Only 2 days!!!

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