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Thread: CSA April 2012

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    Default CSA April 2012

    Well If its not time to start the 2012 roll call, Larry and Denise here . april 10-20 cant wait to meet everyone...

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    Already been started here:

    The all new TEAM CSA April 2012 Thread..

    Tom & Erin 24x CSA Veterans
    Officially Janadian

    Don't worry about a thing, 'cuz every little thing is gonna be all right...
    Robert Nesta Marley

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    This is a first for us.......... never been to CSA but have been to all three other couples resorts.TI is our first love with CN as the other.Now we are really going to confuse ourselves and dive into CSA!!! Really excited to check this place out! See you on 4/14/2012
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    Headed there again 4/13 through 4/21 2012, we strayed to Excellence Playa Mujeres this spring but now we are headed back

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    Booked for 4/21 - 4/28. Can't wait to get home to Jamaica.

    Kris and Tim

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    Just booked for April14th to the 21st

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    We will be there April 13th to the 21st - our 3rd time!!

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    Default Apr.08/22

    3rd time to Negril, 1st time to CSA, cannot wait!!!

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    My wife and I are coming, for the first time, April 14-21 been married 31 years sounds like we are in
    for a wonderful time

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    we arrive 5th April for 14 nights and counting down the days. 108 to be exact lol... looking forward to meeting you all

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    Robin & Deann
    April 28th - May 6th
    Second time at CSA

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    We'll be there at the same time. First time to csa but 5th to jamaica. We hope to make new friends.

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    Team CSA....47 DAYS until April 1st...

    Here's to seeing wonderful friends that we have met in the past and to meeting news ones!

    Attachment 15620

    Can't wait!!!!

    Kim and Kevin
    61 days,8 more Fridays

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    Attachment 15621

    Just a small part of Team CSA...

    Miss you all!!!

    But will see you soon.........

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    Paul and Roxy

    So excited to be back at CSA 3rd trip Apr.6-13/12

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    I Can't wait meet everyone my husband and I are checking in to CSA on April 5th for 7 nights.,.,. so excited it has been 22 years since we have been away on vacation with out the kids !!, My husband and I were thinking of having a nice private dinner on the beach one night does any one know if you need to make a resersation or if there is an additional fee?

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    we are checking into CSA on April 5th, for 7 nights it is our 1st visit ... wow your 3rd time back that is awesome !!! wondering have you ever tried the snorkeling.,,,?

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