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    Hi there-

    IF you split your stay between 2 resorts (ie- 4 nights at CN and 4 nights at CSA) does it still count as a consecutive stay? Im asking because of the offers I see state that you have to stay 6 or 7 nights.

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    No, consecutive stays refer to continuous nights at the same resort.
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    Unfortunately a split stay is considered (2) separate stays and does not qualify for the special offers (like the 2012 early booking bonus of $300 resort credit). It is usually posted in the small print at the bottom. We have the same problem, and I know others will suggest just picking one resort to get the credit, but if you are looking to maximize your trip experience and the credit isn't the most important thing, keep with your plans!
    Make sure you sign up for romance rewards if you are not already a member! It would be one way to stay at one resort the entire time, get the credit and use the trading places day pass (mon, wed or fri daytime) to check out the other resort.
    If you have been to Couples before and are already a Romance Rewards member, the split stay (or rather 2 stays with 1 airfare), gives you the rewards you have earned based on your # of nights at each resort. There is a link at the bottom of the website for details.

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    No, in order to get the credits or whatever else says that you need to stay for that many nights at one resort. Splitting is considered two separate trips.

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    No, I'm pretty sure you have to stay at one resort.

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