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    Default CSA Sept 27th to Oct 4th!!!

    I'm getting married at CSA Oct 2nd and will be celebrating my 30th bday Oct 1st! Anyone else going to be there at this time?!!!!

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    we will be there from the 28th of sep. till oct 10th and we are also getting married at 4pm on oct 2.Well not so much married but renewing our vows for are 10th anniversary.see you soon.

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    We are getting married Sept 30th. Looks like we share the same B-day!!! I will be 28. Congrats on you wedding. It will just be the two of us for ours. We have 5 kids but there is no way we are traveling with all of them.

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    Looking forward to seeing you guys! So far we have 24 guests coming along and they LOVE to PARTY!!!!

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    Default Sep 26-Oct 5

    We will be Katie and Cole Blume on September 26th and we will be on our honeymoon from September 29th-October 5th. Hope to see all of you there! Here are a couple pics (sorry, only thing I had on my work computer).
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    We will be there Sept.28th- Oct6th.THE PARTY IS ON. 20 MORE DAYS

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    Katie and cole, Is that the grand staircase from the forward passenger l;ounge to the texas deck on the Steamer Delta Queen? I worked on the boat in the early 70's

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    No its in the Seelbach Hilton hotel in Louisville KY. Its a very famous staircase and lots of presidents have been photographed there.

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    Thanks Katie, I should have recognized it as I have staqyed there many times. I used to be Cap. on the Belle of Louisville back in the 70's. Thanks for a very honest review of CSA

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