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    Default Sept. 27th-Oct 4th CSA

    We are going to CSA Sept 27th through Oct.4th. We're getting married while we are there. I can't wait. Not only have I never been out of the US but I have also never been on a plane. A little nervous but very excited. I will also get to spend my B-day there since it is Oct 1st. Anyone else gonna be there at this time?

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    My husband and I will be there and no doubt will be watching your wedding from the ocean laying on a floatie. This is our 2nd time to Couples Swept away. We saw at least 4 couples get married last year all the weddings were a joy to watch. I am sure yours will be equally beautiful. We will arrive 09/26 and leave 10/03. I had a big wedding with 150 guest sit down dinner and the whole nine, but when I see the wedding at couples I kind of wish I would have went that route. Maybe we will renew our vows at couples in a few years. Congratulations no need to be nervous the staff at couples will make the experience wonderful for you. i am sure of that

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    we will be there from sept26-oct11,this is our 12th trip to swept away,and we couldn't think of a better place to renew our vows for our 10th anniversary.everyone is welcome to attend oct 2nd at 4pm,see you all soon.

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    We finally reserved our time for our wedding. It will be at 11am on Sept. 30th. Exactly 1 year from the date Zach proposed to me. I can't wait!!! My dress is ordered and all that is left to do is finish up getting our passports.

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    I'm going to be at CSA Sept 27th to Oct 4th too!!! We're getting married Oct 2nd at sunset and we will be celebrating my 30th bday Oct 1st there too!!! I have 24 guests coming down to party with us as well...hope to see you there!

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    Deemac - our vow renewal is scheduled for 4pm on October 2nd.
    What time is yours??

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    richard & brenda I believe our ceremony begins at 5:30...we're going to take advantage of the beach party for our reception (was told the set up is really nice plus I don't have to pay for a reception for all my guests)

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    My wife and I will be watching with you on the beach. We will be there Sept.28- October 6. See you there!!!!

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    My wife and I will be there sept.28th-oct.6. SEE YOU THERE!!!!!

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    My wife and i will be there sept.28th- oct.6th.see you there!!!!

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    Yep. My wife and I will be there Sep28-Oct.6. Ready for a good time!!!

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    Our wedding is scheduled at 11:00 on Sept 30th.

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    We will be Katie and Cole Blume on September 26th and will be on the beach September 29th-October 5th, hope to see you all there!
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    Congrats Katie!!

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    My wife and I just booked for Sept 30 - Oct 4th with my parents. Its a quick trip just to get away for a few days (been a tough year on the family). My wife and I have been to CSS twice and CTI this past May, my mom wanted to go to CSA so thats where we're going! It will be the first time in Jamaica for my dad, my mom went many moons ago. There was no question that we would go to Couples, just weren't sure which resort. My wife and I are fond of A/N but CSA doesn't have A/N facilities so normally we probably would not have stayed at CSA so in a way its kind of good!

    I'm sure Couples will not disappoint us! We may have to take a day trip to CN to try the A/N beach once lol (without my parents). For those that have been before, how long is the drive to CSA? Just curious.

    Hope to see you all there! First round is on me!

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    Casey and Zach,

    Thanks, I'm sure we will see you guys you have a pic?

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    I don't have any pics posted right now. I usually post from my work computer and keep forgetting to bring them with me!! Maybe I will get some on here tomorrow since we don't have any patients and Dr will be out of the office


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    Default What a Mess!!!

    Everything can't just go perfect, I know this, but why!!! So we got all of our passport stuff in the mail Friday. I got my passport he got a letter of his being denied. We are scheduled to leave the 27th so that gave us 10 business days to get this handled. Of course we couldn't do anything until Monday so that gave us 9 days. No he's not a criminal. When he got divorced he was ordered to pay back child support from the beginning of the divorce which took a year and a half to finalize. So we have been paying it for a year no problems. Turns out Missouri is $0 balance state when it comes to Child Support and we still have 5 months left to pay. You can in no way shape or form get around this. So we had to pay the balance of the child support and cross our fingers that 3 government offices don't take their sweet time getting this thing done in time. It has been a mess!!!! So in 2 days we have it paid, posted and in the works of getting his name off of whatever list they put it on. Then all we have to worry about it the passport division getting the PP to us on time. Thank goodness I bought travel insurance but that is a whole other story. Sorry I just wanted to vent!!! Cross your fingers and pray that we get to leave on time for our wedding!!!! Thanks for listening

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    I really hope you will be able to come. Thank goodness for trip insurance. It sounds like quite a mess but I'm sure everything will work out. Hope to meet you soon!

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    Sorry you guys are going through such b.s.. That is our government at it's best. Hope everything works out. Good luck.

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    Katie and Cole, I that the grand staricase on the Delta Queen you picture is taken in front of? I worked as a Mate on the boat years ago.

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    Default Thanks

    Thank you guys for the crossed fingers. We talked to the passport agency today and they sent it out priority so looks like we will be seeing you in less than a week!!!

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    Did you guys get your passport?

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    Hey you guys! The only ppl I met while we were there were Katie & Cole (BTW such a cute couple and Congratulations again!!!). We had such a great time and can't wait to go back. Our ceremony got rained on but oh well, we took it as a blessing from God! Here's the link to our wedding website where you can view the pictures of the ceremony.

    Dee & Jay

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