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    Trying to narrow it down. We are thinking of booking our honeymoon at cti, but need help
    with the room options. I've read that some people have talked about the rooms being noisy. Any suggestions for quieter room categories? Or just what you feel gives you
    the most " bang for your buck".

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    Book a Premier room and request building 2 2nd floor. It is the newest building and the most centrally located

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    Superior room which are in Building 5. The view is of the ocean and the villas next door. Deluxe Rooms and they are in building 4 and 1. Building 2 is quiet except for when the entertainment is going on in the evening and then as it is right next to the patio, you do hear the music etc.

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    Building 5 always works for us. I suggest you try and stay off the top floor near the last elevator though, they clear up all the room service dishes there at around 5am when we were there last year. Management took care of that for us though, and we'll be back for our 3rd trip to CTI next year.

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    We always stay in the Deluxe Ocean view which is in building 1. No noise, unless you count the cicadas, and I don't. We usually do hear a little of the bands playing if we go to the room early, but with the doors closed it really isn't a bother. It is close to everything and also have a great view and is a little cheaper than the premiere. The gym is right at your door step and so is the veggie bar and the grill. The only thing that is a little far away (for CTI) is the swim up bar.
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    We stayed in the 4th bldg and the only noise was during the day at the swim up bar and a terrifying thunderstorm one night. I would imagine the 5th bldg is the furthest from the bars, would have less foot traffic and therefore be the most quiet. I don't think you can see the island or bayside from 5, so there may be a trade off.

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    We were in a Deluxe ocean view, building 4 and we heard absolutely nothing from the other end of the resort, be it the morning breakfast preperations or the evening entertainment. Great location looking over the swim up pool and Tower Isle. However, we did hear doors slam from time to time. If you opened your door with the patio door open, the door would slam from the wind when you let it go. Obviosuly some people didn't relaize that. Perhaps not always like this! It was wild how strong the force was and the whistling wind. We think some of the slamming was also housekeeping. Mostly this noise was during the day, and occasionally at night.
    The only other thing to add is that we were on the first floor. This was fine in that they are raised, not walk outs, and still have a great view, but it means more people walking by late at night to the elevator and building 5. It wasn't a problem. I'm an super light sleeper, but for more quiet I'd request the second floor or up.

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