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    Default Where should we go for our Honeymoon? CN or CSA?

    My fiance & I are going at the end of July on our honeymoon & both resorts sound awesome but we would like to know some thoughts. We are also considering Excellence Punta Cana. We definitely want couples/adults only, gorgeous relaxing beaches & pools, fun activities (casino, bonfires, cruises, etc...) & great food. We would love to be right on the beach if possible but know for sure we want quiet rooms & an ocean view would be awesome. Is it worth it for the extra money? We have to decide this week & can use some advice. It seems that CSA has more sports activities but which has the nicest romantic vibe overall? HELP!
    p.s. What is the au naturel beach scene in CN?

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    Swept Away has the most beautiful beach in Jamaica. It BLOWS away cnegrils beach IMO. There is way more room to spread out. There are more restaurant choices . We just got back from trip #4 to CSA and are saving for our next trip. We got married there in 04 and we had the time of our lives. CSA has all that you are looking for in rooms, activities, such as casino, non fires, cat cruise and awesome food. I won't go anywhere else.

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    Just got back from CSA, go there I promise you will have the time of your life and you will never forget it!

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    Default Csa!

    I haven't been, so I can't speak from experience, but we chose CSA over CN for our honeymoon in November. We also considered Punta Cana, but our travel agent said there is far less to do off the resort in Punta Cana. Of course CSA is amazing in itself and with all the included activities, you wouldnt need to leave... but we knew we wanted to travel off the resort some and CSA is perfect for that. Margaritaville is just down the beach and Rick's Cafe (to watch cliff divers) is nearby too. Plus there are several excursions available... we're going to YS Falls for ziplining one day, which is only an hour or so away, I think. As you'll read from others, CSA seems to have the better beach and they have an amazing fitness center (not that i'll be working out much on my honeymoon!). We are staying in a Beach Front Verandah Suite because we wanted to be steps from the beach and be able to watch the ocean from our porch. In my opinion, that's the best option for rooms, but I think it's also the most expensive. Anyway, hope you have a great time whereever you end up!

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