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Thread: Dolphins?

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    Default Dolphins?

    I live near freshwater lakes and nowhere near the ocean. I have never seen a dolphin in the wild and was really hoping to experience them on this trip. Are there a lot of dolphins in the Negril area?
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    sorry to say not so much....

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    If you are scuba diving then you have a chance. We have seen dolphins on a couple of dives and when we were on the boat headed back in it is not unusual for the dolphins to swim along the front of the boat. I have never seen doplhins from the beach.

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    I've never seen the dolphins either, but I HAVE seen the flying fish. I understand that there is a concession opening (may already be opened by now) that offers swimming with dolphins at Lucea Harbor, which is about half way between MoBay and Negril... if you've been to Negril, you're familiar with this area. Then again, it may have been a failed venture.

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    We have seen dolphins while on the catamaran trip.

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    Default Yes, there are Dolphins in Negril!

    The dolphins can be found in the Negril area.

    Here are a few video clips taken from dives over the years at Couples Negril... and a couple of stills.<br /> <br />Name:  IMG_0348.jpg
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    When we were at CN many years ago, dolphins followed the sunset cruise... it was amazing! Not too sure that will happen again, but it might!

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    We are scuba divers and last April at CSA while we on our last dive for the trip, 2 dolphins came up and swam around us for a while, went up and got air, came back down and swam with us for a while longer then took off and came back for a third time! We got great photos and video. It was so cool! The highlight of our trip for sure!

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    Amazing photos! I would cry if one came up to me like that. Beautiful creatures!
    1st time to Jamaica!
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    Believe me -- there were tears of joy! Oh wait -- those weren't tears.. that was my dive mask leaking that made my eyes so red.. yea... that's what it was.. salt water in the eyes!!! hehe

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    Funny stuff, Linda!!

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    Here you go two vidoes of us scuba diving with Dolphins at Couples Negril on on 2010 and the other in 2011 cant wait to see what we see in 2012.

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    Those pictures are amazing! I can only hope I see some dolphins when I am there!

    @tommolly- I have to ask, where are you from? I live around a bunch of freshwater lakes too! LOL Michigan
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    I feel very fortunate to live in Florida. Here in Jacksonville, I used to have an office looking out on the St Johns River. It wasn't unusual to look out my window and see one or two swimming by, even though our location was several miles inland from the jetties.
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    I am from Northern Michigan...about 50 miles south of the Mackinac bridge.
    1st time to Jamaica!
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