The hubby and I will be making our first trip to Jamaica and are headed to CN 5/28-6/4 Everyone has been so kind and helpful I can't thank you all enough! I have taken everyone's advice, am so thankful for the "I wish I would have thought of that" post, and can't wait to meet all the wonderful people of CN.
So I've decided to bring (based on multiple reviews):
-Drink Koozies
-Water shoes
-Small lotions (for housekeeping)
-Lots of sunscreen
-Baby powder for sand
-Towel clips for chairs (pink flamingos are me)
-Bug Spray
-Started taking Vitamin B-1 last week to see if it helps repel sand fleas and mosquitos, will repost
-Tums, Benadryl and Advil
-Emergen-C (to take at night after a few too many Bob Marley's so a hangover is avoided)
-Fabric Softener sheets for drawers
-Very little clothes, but lots of bathing suits!!
-AND my new sony cybershot waterproof digital camera (TX-10) not to many reviews on it so I will post.
-Plus a couple good books, glasses and a huge smile

I decided no against the mosquito net, didn't think I'd use it, and I didn't want to take up luggage space and a couple other things. I will definitely be adding to the post I got so much help from but if there is any last minute advice or tips, anything is greatly appreciate. So far, the only excursions that we are discussing are YS falls and Ricks cafe. We may be trading places to see CSA for the day, thoughts?
Thank you all again!!!!