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    Default How is the weather right now? (May)


    My boyfriend and I leave on Saturday for CN and could no be more excited!
    What is the weather like right now?


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    I guess my question back to you is, would you change your plans? If the answer to that question is no, then I would not worry about. The reality is that you are going to the tropics and while this is the end of the drier season and according to weather on my i-phone it is sunny and 86 right now, it can change quickly. Pop up thunderstorms are known to occur on a regular basis.

    I would not worry, you will have plenty of sunshine and even when it does rain for a brief period, a rainy afternoon in at CN is still a wonderful afternoon.

    Have fun, enjoy, 69 days and counting!

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    Default Weather

    We have been here since the 12th, its been hot and not a drop of rain, maybe we will see you, have fun.

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