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    Default Is it just me or.....

    does crap tend to happen much more right before you go on vacation??? Especially a dream vacation to Couples?! We are leaving this Saturday and I don't know if it is just that I am on edge waiting to go so things are getting on my nerves more or if it is my horrid Murphy's Law kind of life, but I am ready to spontaneously combust This has been the week from H-E-double hockey sticks! Maybe I will love it there even more because of it......hurry up Saturday!

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    Always right before you go sick pets, broken down vehicles, natural disasters etc. etc. I hear ya!!!
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    We were leaving for our Couples wedding and honeymoon in 2004. Limo was due at 6am to take us to the airport. My 20 year old son calls at 3am. "Mom-I've been in a car accident and I am at the hospital. I'm okay but my friend was hurt. " My husband (then fiance) says go get in the shower, I'll go to the hospital and see what is what. I'll call and let you know.
    So he leaves and calls 2 minutes later-" Umm where is the hospital?"
    So I give him directions he gets there, calls and says "He is not here."
    So I call the police and they tell me that yes that is the hospital.
    So I call back and tell Joe-"He is there, find him."
    My son happens to walk out and Joe finds him. His buddy is fine, just bruised by the seat belt and his family is on the way to get him.
    Joe gets my son and heads home. I'm assured he is okay, just a bruised knee. I give him the keys to my car, tell him to report to the insurance and call the yard it was towed to and let them know I will deal with it when I get home. Call my mother to check up on everything while I am gone.
    And we were able to leave on time. With many phone calls home to make sure my son is really okay.

    And in 2009 we are driving home from the travel agent in Feb/Mar. just booked 10 days at CSA in September. We are so excited, talking about the trip. My Daughter-in-Law (different son) calls and announces they are preganant (our first grandchild) and due September 6th. Call travel agent and reschedule trip.

    Yep, mhw, stuff always happens!!!!!!

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