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    Default pictures of hisbiscus cottage

    we are looking at staying in the hibiscus cottage and would love to someones pictures of it if possible, also any pictures of the penthouse suites would be nice!!

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    We stayed in the Hibiscus Cottage last November and just loved it. Would do so again (if the price is right).

    You are at the far east end of the resort, but that did not bother us. We almost found a new path to take every day and only takes about a 5-10 minute walk to get anywhere.

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    Default Hibiscus Cottage Photos

    We had the extreme good fortune of being upgraded to the Hibiscus Cottage in January and it was awesome. Here are some of our pictures:
    Attachment 12722Attachment 12723Attachment 12724Attachment 12725Attachment 12726

    If you want more/specific pictures just ask.
    Whatever you pick, you will enjoy.

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    thanks for the pictures, it looks really nice, we would love to see more!! i understand there is a private sandy layout area below the hotub, would like to see it also!!! what about the outdoor shower, is private or can people see you??

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    Private sandy area may be a bit of an exageration. There is a semi sandy area (also has grass growing in it) below the hot tub with 2 lounge chairs. There is only enough room for the lounge chairs and the sand is nothing you can sink you toes into. The outdoor shower is relatively private but as I recall there is no hot water so I only ever used it to rinse sand off my feet.


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    The outdoor shower is in the little hut in the picture. We didn't use it, it was kinda dirty. Cigarette butts and leaves.
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    here is the outdoors shower

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    it's all about the kids

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    Goodness, how did you get so lucky to have an upgrade such as that??? WOW!!!

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    I agree with rsmith, can you let us in on the secret of getting that nice of a upgrade!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rsmith2078 View Post
    Goodness, how did you get so lucky to have an upgrade such as that??? WOW!!!
    We were lucky because we booked a penthouse suite and they were overbooked so they picked a repeat guest to be bumped UP.
    That was our lucky day. I can't tell how excited I was when we were told we were in the cottage. It was a dream that I never in a million years would have expected to come true

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    no doubt the pics are beautiful and I am sure you will never forget the experience

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    We tried to book the Hibiscus Cottage for our weddingmood but it was already booked.

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