Lingering Longings

It’s the same with every trip. The weeks and months preceding each visit are filled with ever increasing excitement. The closer we get to “J-Day”, the more the excitement builds. It is maddening, I know.

Then you actually do the trip. Great time, great weather, great yadda yadda yadda. We all know how that goes.
And we know that we all start missing Couples as soon as the bye-bye bus arrives. Some of us start missing even before that. But in the end, we all reluctantly arrive back to our little corner of the globe. Life, as we know it here, slowly cranks up to speed. In the blink of an eye, we become emerged in our day to day existence. Life overtakes languishing. Vacation has been vanquished.

For now, we must leave our lingering longings alone. We must turn our attention to the more mundane parts of life. Work. Not an easy acclamation after leaving our hearts and thoughts buried in the sand on the beach. When I return to those warm waters and soft sand, I will dig them up and I will re-energize my body and my mind with those wonderful thoughts I left behind. By doing so, it gives me a sense of remaining more connected to that distant island. Sort of like leaving your “heart in San Francisco”.
This task is much more difficult than one would imagine. Don’t forget, we are talking about minimizing our mesmerizing memories that we made.
That forces some of us to secretly log on to the “C” place while at work. Just for a quick “Couples connection”. Just long enough to read the MB. Maybe, if you are really lucky, you will have enough time to jump to the “Meet up” posts. See if anyone new has left for, or returned from, the land of Bob Marley, sex on the beach, dirty bananas and Purple rain.

After a while, even reading the board 58 times a day, and livening as vicariously as we could through someone else’s adventure, it still, often, leaves us longing for more. Words and pictures can only give us so much. And most of us need more than “so much”. We want “this much”. We want, not only to see and read about captivating Couples, we want to smell the aromas. Like the warm moist salt air, or the absolutely distinctive whiff of jerk pork or chicken. There’s the smell of the suntan lotion you use. The very subtle flavors that linger in the hallways as we come and go from our room.
I have a way to unleash all the aromas of your time at “Couples Camp”.

Don’t do any of the laundry when you get back home. Let it sit around for a few days. Then, each time you want to re-live a moment of merriment, or latch on to some laughter, simply take almost any garment, excluding any underwear or socks, and bury your face in it. Then, inhale what is there.
Instantly, the mind recalls the scent and it can take you to the night you wore that shirt, or shorts. The time spent at Bayside and the sauce that fell in your lap. The remnants of the oil they use for massages at the spa. The t-shirt you wore when you were at the pool side grille enjoying some patties and French fries.

I know that this is not the answer for everyone. Some of you would rather not stick your face into a pair of shorts or bathing suit and breath in the left over anything. I understand.

By now, all of the laundry from our trip has been washed and put back in the suitcases. Well, actually, not all of laundry is done.
I took a couple of my t-shirts and some of Syl’s sarongs and stashed them in the basement. Every now and then I return to my secret hiding place and just sit and spend some time, sniffing out the days and nights of some time ago.