I received my "We'll see you soon" email from Couples today. We arrive on Saturday. At the bottom of the email this tour was listed as an "extra". I was curious as to what it was so I googled it and found the descriptions of each place. Now I have a few questions for some people that may have been on this tour.

Is it work the 120.00 a person?
We're staying at CSS, so I'm assuming based on location of these places it's an all day tour?
Does anyone have experiences they can share with me on these tours?

Lastly, this is a general question. I plan to take my SLR digital camera. It's not extremely valuable but it's still a $600.00 camera. Is it safe to take it with me on tours like this? I know there are places to swim at the falls, etc and I worry some about the possiblity of having it stolen. When on these types of tours is it safe to leave things on the bus?

Thanks in adavace for the help on such short notice!