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    Default Appleton, Black River and YS Falls

    I received my "We'll see you soon" email from Couples today. We arrive on Saturday. At the bottom of the email this tour was listed as an "extra". I was curious as to what it was so I googled it and found the descriptions of each place. Now I have a few questions for some people that may have been on this tour.

    Is it work the 120.00 a person?
    We're staying at CSS, so I'm assuming based on location of these places it's an all day tour?
    Does anyone have experiences they can share with me on these tours?

    Lastly, this is a general question. I plan to take my SLR digital camera. It's not extremely valuable but it's still a $600.00 camera. Is it safe to take it with me on tours like this? I know there are places to swim at the falls, etc and I worry some about the possiblity of having it stolen. When on these types of tours is it safe to leave things on the bus?

    Thanks in adavace for the help on such short notice!

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    We just returned from Couples Negril and we did take the Appleton Rum/YS Falls/Black River tour and it was fantastic. It was an all day excursion for us, and we were staying in Negril. I think it would be a little far for you to go since you are staying in Ocho Rios. You would have to travel clear to the other side of the island.
    We went to the Black River first and had a boat ride up the river viewing MANY crocodiles and Birds. Very cool, then on to a place for lunch. Next we went to YS Falls and was very impressed, although I think for you, Dunns River Falls would be better and its included in your off site excursions. Last, we went to the Appleton Rum Estate which was very interesting.
    You might want to re-think taking this tour based on where your staying. There are MANY other places you can visit that would be closer.

    Enjoy your trip.

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    i did the exact same tour with a private driver, there was 3 of us and it cost $200 for all of us, this was 2 years ago so prices may have changed. ontop of this we had to pay the entrance fees to all 3.
    i prefer the private driver route myself as you have your own vehicle to yourself and can go at your own pace.
    we use a guy called paul williams who is juta registered and comes highly recomemded on trip advisor

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    I wouldn't do that tour from CSS. That is a better tour for when you are in Negril.

    If you want to do a river tour, then Dunn River's Falls is included in the price of your stay. There is also a fun option of mountain biking. You are transferred up the hill and then ride down. Not tough at all. The hotel will also have other excursion options that they can help you with. I'm not sure why on the welcome email they gave you information about a Negril tour. Musta been a 'woops'.

    The tour buses are fine for leaving the camera on. The buses stay with you on your entire trip and when you are not in the bus they lock them.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We did this tour from CSA last year and it was worth it to us. I don't remember how long it took us to get least 2 hours I believe but we had a good time. I didn't take my digital camera because I was afraid of it getting wet but I was so mad during our trip because you can take some great pictures while you're out and about. If you do the YS Falls you won't want to get in the water or have someone else hold it while you get in the water. You can still walk up the wood staircase without getting wet if you want.

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    Wife and I took a private driver for the all day tour and it was fun and took many photos. You get to much of the real Jamaica. Appleton tour fascinating and you get to taste all their Rums. Take you swimming suits formthe falls. Our Jamaican driver was entertaining and fascinated with learning more about the U.S. Black River you get some awesome picsnof crocodiles very up close.

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    We took this trip with a private driver and it allowed us to take as much time as needed at each site. Unfortunately, the YS Falls had just closed down for plantings and upkeep on 5/14 and will be closed for a week or so. Not sure of the reopening date. We missed it by one day. The Appleton Tour and the Black River with it's crocodiles was fun and being as we were not with a tour we had the boat and guide to ourselves. At Appleton we did the tour and then could stay as long as we wanted for the tastings. They do not chase you out but a tour operator may. We went from CSA though and it will be a much longer trip from CSS.

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