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    Default Romance Rewards question

    Do you have to book directly through Couples to qualify for the Romance Rewards program? I registered for the program on the Couples web site and just booked a 6-night stay at CN through an online company and want to make sure I will be getting the program benefits.

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    The Romance Rewards Program is designed to reward returning guests. You do not have to book directly with Couples to qualify for Romance Rewards, but as a first-time guest, the only perk for which you will be eligible is the Trading Places Program, which will allow you to visit and spend the afternoon at CSA.
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    You can book however you want. We usually book through a TA (except for the upcoming trip) and have no problem. Just check in on line a week or two before you go.

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    You don't receive any benefits apart from Trading Places until your second visit. The night stayed on your first visit make you eligible for the Romance Rewards on return visits.

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    It doesn't matter how you booked your trip. Before you check-out of the resort give them your RR number and your nights will be added to your account.

    Just to make sure you understand, as a first time visitor the only reward you receive is the opportunity to take advantage of the Trading Places program.
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    Doersn't matter who you book through. Just register for the rewards program and then pre-sign in online with your info and you should be all set

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    We booked through a TA and apparently I registered our stay with Couples outside of the 3 day window before travel (that Couples asks you to do). A quick email after the trip and the issue was cleared up! :-)

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