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    My soon to be father-in-law is a bit of a coffee connoisseur and I was wanting to bring back some Blue Mountain Coffee. How much should I expect to spend at MBJ or at someplace in Ocho Rios per pound? Any particular brand I should look for?

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    $25.00-$27.00 per lb. when we were last there in January. There is a real nice Blue Mountain Coffee store in MBJ with a variety of options. It's well worth it. Best on the planet in my opinion.

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    You'll probably get the best price at the airport. When we were there in April it was about $29/lb. There are different brands available. Be sure that there is a seal certifying it is true Blue Mountain coffee.

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    If you buy in the airport you will be guaranteed authentic Blue Mountain and can expect to pay about $25 per pound. We always wait to buy in the airport. If you want to buy on the shopping trip you'll want to know what to look for. Here is a link to the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board for some interesting reading and to get you up to speed.

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    The one at couples is good but pricey (unless you have a resort credit). Otherwise we have been buying Jablum Blue Mountain coffee for the last 20+ years going to Jamaica.

    I suggest going to Taj Mahal. There is a store right in the middle as you come in off the main street. Tell them you were recommended there by Sue in Canada who has been shopping a lot. If you buy multiple bags or coffee and liquor - you can get a pound for $15. (Barter with them).

    Good luck

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    We've always managed to get it for about $18 lb during one of our shopping trips. And yes, it had the official government stamp of approval. No need to pay more than $20 lb ... ever, IMO.
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    We always buy Blue Mountain coffee in town. We have never paid more than $16/lb. The more you buy the better the price they will give you. We usually bring home 8 to 10 lbs of coffee and try to make it last until the next trip. Never pay full price. If they say $24/lb, offer 15 and go from there.

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