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    So I was reading Randys new post about paying more for better liquor, and it got me thinking.. Can we bring liquor from home to put in our rooms minibar? If we put it in our checked luggage? thanks it sounded good to me. what do you think?

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    Yes as long as it is in your checked luggage it is fine. Just make sure that is it wrapped up well so the possibility of the bottle(s) breaking are greatly reduced. I suggest bubble wrap. Also keep in mind the additional weight of the bottles and any extra charges you might have to pay the airline.
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    I don't know that I would risk the bottles breaking and soaking everything with alcohol. Granted the resort does have a laundry service, but it's at least a day turn around. The option might be to make a duty free purchase at your last airport in the State (for us Atlanta), which would be cheaper than purchasing at your local liquor shop most likely. Then it would be packed for you to carry on because you are making the purchase after you go through security.

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