Because it is really THAT wonderful!

My husband and I just returned from our second stay at CSA. We have NEVER vacationed in the same place twice -- let alone the same resort, but, WOW, it was better than we even remembered.

We first fell in love with CSA last year and when trying to decide on where to go this year, I thought, "Why even bother trying to find a place that we're just going to compare to CSA?" I was a bit nervous about it and wondered it we'd be bored going back to the same place, but it was just the opposite. It was so nice to go to a resort where we already knew our way around, knew the routine, knew what we liked and didn't like, knew what we wanted to try that we didn't last time or what we definitely needed to to again.

It really was like going home and the staff felt like old friends. We also made a point of meeting other couples which we really didn't do last time and it made things even better! I highly recommend it.

The repeaters dinner was really nice and our host, Donna, was so wonderful. We truly felt like part of the family.

I don't need to go into all the details (you might even be able to find my first review from last year if you're interested) because they are exactly the same as everyone else's. If you go there with a great attitude and are looking for a wonderful, relaxing time with fabulous people who always return a smile or a "good morning" and truly strive to may your stay as pleasureable as possible... that's exactly what your going to get.

We're hooked.