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    Default 2 questions before we leave next Tuesday

    We are staying at CSS- our first time. YAY! So excited! I have 2 questions. We are planning on doing the Dunn RIver excursion. I keep reading about water shoes and the hubby and I have Crocs. Will they work? My second question is we signed up for Romance Rewards and will be there enough nights to do a trading places. Should we trade to CTI for 1 day? I don't know much about CTI since I focused all my attention this past year on CSS.

    6 days until CSS... can not wait!!!

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    You will need water shoes for DRF unless you wanted to rent them, yuck. I'm not sure if Crocs would work or not. I won't wear mine there just because the rocks can be slick and the Crocs are not tight enough on my feet. We purchased water socks for DRF and they work well.

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    We normally bring our own water shoes. We have purchased them from Walmart or Target in the past. I would not wear your Crocs since your feet can slide in them. You want to have a good grip when climbing the falls. Also, YES I would definitely do the trading spaces! We normally do the trading spaces right in the middle of our stay. That way you have time to get settled and then time to relax at your original resort. Plus, CTI is absolutly amazing!! You will love it! Any other questions you have I would be glad to help! 87 days until me and the hubby will be at CTI for the 5th time! Can't wait. We have also stayed at CSS one year when CTI was being renovated. Hope you guys have an amazing trip, you will not be disappointed

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    You can pick up a cheap pair of water shoes at Wal-Mart, only about six bucks. We bought some for a Caribbean cruise last year and they worked perfect. The great thing is at six bucks a pair, you can leave them behind if they get too dirty or you don't have room in your luggage.

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    I would get watersocks, Crocs are most often to loose and slick. The water socks are minimal in cost, and could save you from a fall.

    We tried CTI just to check it out. It is only part of a day, and you still have the beach, so I say give it a try. I was going to book CTI the first time we went, but that was during the time it was under renovations, so we wanted to see what it was like, Made us really happy we chose CSS. But, not everyone feels the way we do.

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    Crocs will fall off. You need water shoes. You are climbing up rocks with water rushing around you. I would definitely check out CTI during your stay. It's a great opportunity to check out another resort.

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    I would definately go with the water socks for DRF. My husband & I were at CSS for the first time (ever to Jamaica) this past Feb/March. I was looking forward to doing a Trading Places at CTI for a day, but once I got there, I really had no inclination to leave that beautiful place! I'm sure that CTI is also beautiful, but you couldn't have dragged me away! In hindsight, I know I should have gone, but we were only there for 7 days and didn't feel there was enough time for what we wanted to do... Next time, we'd like to go for 10 days. Then we'll make the trip to CTI.

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    Lizzie ~ Hit Walmart and they will have some water shoes for <$10. They are worth getting. The current is very strong with slippery rocks. I don't think Crocs will work for the climb.

    I think you should at least check out CTI, otherwise you might always wonder. You can always catch a cab back if you want to leave earlier than 4pm. The two resorts are close together and it will cost about $10 for the ride back to CSS. Remember to negotiate before getting in the cab.
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    we bought water socks for dunns river and i'm glad we did. we didn't do CTI but wish we did

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    Not sure about using Crocs. We purchased some Teva's from a local sporting goods store before going and it was worth it! As for the Trading Places to wouldn't hurt to go there for a day and check it out. It doesn't cost anything and you'll enjoy seeing a different resort (for possible future plans).

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    I would say no to crocs as they fit loose on the feet and with water inside them they aren't going to be very good footing. It's quite a climb really and you want to have good traction. Water shoes seem to be best.

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    I have seen people wearing Crocs at DRF and they seemed to be ok, not as good as water shoes. I wore sandal type things with straps and pebbles got in but I could rinse them out pretty easily in the water. I would check out CTI for future reference. Its only about 5 minutes away from CSS but its really different in style and vibe yet still has the Couple feel to it.

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    My husband and I loved CTI so much we did a split trip just to try another couples location. I would say why not do your research? Either way you will want to come back, I say it might help you decide for future trips
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    I don't think crocks would be a good idea, I got my husband & myself both a pair at Walmart for $8 each & they worked great! Good Luck

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    Croc's are not a good idea. The falls are really not difficult to do, but you will want sure footing. Just buy some cheep water shoes that fit tightly.

    We did the CTI swap and I thought it was well worth it. It to is a lovely resort and you will know if you want to give it a try.


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    Croc's Are to loose fitting we got our water shoes at K mart for $6.00 to rent them is $5.00 and I am they are not clean.

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    Thanks for the responses. I will be picking up some water shoes at Walmart and I think we are looking forward to doing the trading places with CTI.

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    My wife and I will be leaving for CTI for the 13th time in about 3 weeks and I would definitely reccommend the water shoes for Dunns River. No worries about them slippping off. I would also HIGHLY recommend visiting CTI if you have the chance. We have stayed at CSS when CTI was closed for renovations and have absolutely nothing bad to say about the place. It is absolutely beautiful but our hearts will always be at CTI.

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