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    Default Stores in walking distance to CSS for rum cream and Jablum coffee

    I understand that the gift shop may have rum cream and Jablum coffee for sale but are there any quick stop stores or grocery stores in walking distance to CSS where we could purchase Jablum and rum cream.

    I'm hoping to make a purchase at a reasonable price before we hit the airport so we can pack the rum cream in the checked bags.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I didn't see anything within walking distance, although they def had it in the gift shop. Prices are much much better at the airport. Just carry it on and then put in your checked bags at arrival. We had no problems at all we also did the shopping trip and the prices weren't very good and anything you find you can find in the gift shop or beach vendors.

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    Not that I know of you have to grab a cab, go on the free shopping trip or go to the gift shop.
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    I have always found that the prices on these things at Sangster are not much more expensive than using vacation time to shop for them. At the airport I am usually looking for ways to kill time. I have only been to SS once, and it was before it was CSS so I don't remember what is close by. I am just posting this to let you know that you really won't save much by shopping near the resort over the airport.
    Have a great time!

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