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    Default Atrium Suites @ CSA

    My fiance and I will be at CSA from the 4th to the 11th of July, and I just wanted to know what everyones opinion of the Atrium suite. Pros? Cons? All input is welcome!


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    So many people love them.. After staying in a BFVS the last two years, this year we styaed in an Atrium and would never stay in one again. For us, we realized that we really needed a TV. I felt so disconnected without one. The other issue was noise. We never heard from our neighbors, but we heard phones ringing day and night. Not pleasant.

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    We L-O-V-E, LOVE the Atriums! My husband is a television freak, and we were worried he would not like them for that reason alone....No Problem Mon! He didn't miss the TV at all and we have booked an Atrium again for our upcoming trip! We really likes having the Hammock out on the patio and with the addition of the mini-bars they are now evn more awesome!

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    My fave room! It has no tv, tho didn't care. Some folks have issues w/ noise; we did not. Frogs, etc. were no bother. Bathroom not totally enclosed wasn't an issue. I was always out on the patio anyway! lol

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    Default Atrium Rooms

    We will be returning home the 10th of June for our 3rd visit to Swept Away. We have stayed in the Atrium rooms both previous trips and will stay in one this trip. The room is great. Of course we are only in there to bath, sleep , and uhummm. T.V.? (why have one). The last thing I want to do there is watch the worlds problems or watch shows I can see at home every day! No they aren't the Ritz, but if that is what you want, go to the Ritz. They are very comfortable, in a great spot right in the middle, where you aren't to far from anything.
    The only noise we here in them are the tree frogs and I am told you here them in most rooms. I have gotten to where they don't bother me at all. People keep talking about bugs, I haven't seen any in either room we have stayed in. For the money I think it is the best room they have. NO WORRIES MON. 24 days and we will be there!!!!

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    Thank you to everyone for your advice. I don't see us doing this, but say if you were to downgrade your room, do to they credit you the difference?

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    Our favorite, but it's not for everybody, depends on who you have for neighbors.

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    If you can take the "no TV" thing, the night noises from the naturescape in the jungle area (not to mention the humans), the open air concept (no windows, just shutters), then the Atriums might be your cup of tea.

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    We don't even consider another room category. We LOVE the hammock and couldn't care less about not having a tv. We're looking forward to our 5th anniversary trip this October and savoring those early morning "first" breakfasts while swaying gently in our hammock before we venture out to "second" breakfast after fully waking up!

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    Are there screens in the Atrium rooms to keep bugs out and just no glass or are the shutters the only thing keeping creatures out?
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    Quote Originally Posted by beckyanddave View Post
    Are there screens in the Atrium rooms to keep bugs out and just no glass or are the shutters the only thing keeping creatures out?
    There are screens behind the shutters and if you close the shutters room gets very cool.

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    We love them, only room with a hammock and now they have a mini bar. No TV was what we wanted. When we went the only thing we heard was tree frogs and the fountian, but I am sure this can change depending on people. To solve the bathroom issue send the other person outside for a little hammock time. But any room at CSA is a good room.

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    We will be staying in an atrium for the first time this year. We have stayed in OVS rooms for our previous four trips to CSA and decided to try something different this year. The most obvious difference is the TV, or lack of one, and I don't think that will be too big a deal for us. We may bring a lap top and pop in a movie or something if the mood strikes, but I don't think we will miss it. As I remember, there is not all that much to watch so even if you are looking for a room with TV you may be disappointed with the programming. I'm sure we can find something else to do.

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    Best room for the money and we never missed the T.V. at all. I am a light sleeper and always have a fan running year round, we kept the ceiling fan and the A.C. going and we slept great. We never heard the frogs or the staff. The hammocks are great!

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