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    Default Couples, good enough recommend to family

    Just happened to vist my Aunt and Uncle this weekend, and through the banter of small talk they mentioned they we're thinking about a vacation. So of course me and my better half told them we just got back from CN...What is Couples they asked??? Well that was like asking a travling preacher if he wanted to hold a revival....I think we kind of unloaded on them (bless their hearts), we got them to the website, and as my Uncle flipped through it, he kept saying to my aunt"Wow, look at this Shirley" and "Shirley look here" and "Wow that beach is beautiful" and the whole time we just couldn't keep our mouths shut saying .."yeah, and the staff is great, and the food is fantastic, and the beach is beautiful and, and, and....."
    They decided right there to book, now they are just trying to figure out when to go. LOL It's so nice to have a product that you can recommend to family!!
    Thanks Couples!

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    Great story Boomer49 and we all know they will have a great trip!!

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