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    Default We're in the 100's!!!

    Only 199 days until my fiance and I are at CSA for our honeymoon!!! We can't wait! It will be our first couples visit and I'm sure it wont be our last either

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    hey bridetobemarch2010 im bridetobe getting married march 2010 its like we're twins lol, congrats im counting down to.....yipeee...CSA Sunset!!!!

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    the time will fly by. I remember when we first booked our next trip it was in the 300's, then 200's, now 106, next Friday we will be doing the double digit dance. Don't know for sure how many until next years trip. Have to get my countdown going again for that one. Wonderful to anticipate these trips. Have a wonderful vacation

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    I have 110 days to go. Tomorrow I will be doing the double digit dance. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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    Hey Deb!!
    Almost to the double digit dance....can you believe it. I was laughing as I was reading your post as I was thinking the same thing. We started in the 300's. And, by the way, we are 468 days away from our Dec. 2010 trip....LOL. I checked!!
    105 more days!!!

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