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    I have been looking at the weather report for next week and it shows cloudy, and 60% showers everyday. Is this typical for this area? I have heard that showers if any will be short and in the afternoons, just was wondering if anyone has ever had it rain an entire trip?

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    Nope and you will only make yourself crazy watching the weather. The clouds pretty much stay in the mountains with the rain. The rain comes in and leaves quickly. I always chuckle at everyone leaving the beach or pool when it starts to rain (not thunder and lightening, just rain).

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    Hey lbrogan2 - thanks for starting the thread - I was worried about the same thing!! I checked yesterday and was a little distraught. I can't take anymore rain!! It's been raining constantly in South Western Ontario, where I'm from. However, I've decided to NOT get too worked up about the weather next week at CTI. I won't even mind a little rain - I was just shell shocked to see that the forecast was the same for almost every day! RAIN!!! Either way, it will be a great time - when will you be there? We are staying May 20th - 27th... Rain or shine, Nate & I will be there..... ~

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    Not sure about CTI, but before I went to CSA two weeks ago I was totally stressing because had dark clouds with lightning every day of our trip. Let me tell you... of the 11 days we were there we experienced about 5 minutes of rain and a drizzle one afternoon. I think the weather people don't have any good way to show that scattered showers are really "scattered". Don't stress.

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