Just returned from CN on May 14. 1st timers at the AN beach. Went there 5 times. Probably would have been there more but had 2 other couples that remained on the textile side and had to split time both areas. Here's my newbie impressions:

1. Plenty of room/chairs. Sometimes the shady spots can be at a premium and the Jamaican sun can get pretty hot. A couple of pics of the AN beach area:

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2. Most of the people were 30 / 40ish. Probably regular bell curve distribution from there. Didn't see anyone that would grace the covers of bodybuilding mags but most looked normally fit. Again, normal distribution from there. Usually about 12 people on the beach with most located near the grape tree.

3. The hedge provides some privacy from the textile side but it also blocks the breeze. For newbies, the hedge might provide a little security but I recommend sitting away from it. Gets real hot without the breeze.

4. The bar is stocked with all the normal ingredients. Frozen drinks and ice falter in the Jamaican sun pretty quickly. One drawback -- the bar closes at 5:00 but you still have 2 1/2 hours of daylight left. A few of us had to take turns putting on our swim suits to make trips to the pool bar. Maybe leaving a serving tray or something to carry multiple drinks would help.

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5. Yes, people are going to see you naked. No, they aren't going to stare. Yes, there are beach walkers that will look but not many. Yes, you get pretty comfortable with it all pretty quickly.

6. Good experience. We will do it again next year.